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06 October

Express Yourself with Bold Colorful Makeup at Lime Crime

Have a passion for colorful makeup? Love making heads turn with bright colorful hair? Lime Crime online is the perfect site for your bright and colorful makeup needs.
When navigating the colorful website of Lime crime, you will notice three bold lines stacked vertically on the top left corner of the page. Clicking on these lines will drop down a menu to search your specific wants or needs of the different types of makeup or even hair dye.
Lime Crime is simply magical with their clever product names from unicorn lipstick and zodiac glitter, giving a feeling of whimsy. The first image that meets your eyes are two bold colorful lips adorned with Lime Crime’s velveteen liquid to matte lipstick against a Blue cloudy sky backdrop. Swiping your finger across the page or hitting an arrow will bring up other images against this blue cloudy backdrop giving you the feeling that you are floating through the air.
In the menu section, you can find the lookbook. Click on this to find a magical story of three beautiful young ladies who find a magical guitar. The story and images inspire you to recreate their looks and to keep reading the story until the end. Under the photos gives a brief discription of which Lime Crime products each of the girls are wearing.
In the menu section click on Blog which will direct you to Lime Crime’s blog. On their blog you can find contests and fanfriday where customers submitt pictures and their stories of their experience with Lime Crime makeup and hair dye. Why not on a rainy day or when your bored just browse Lime Crime’s blog on tumblr to view the beautiful images and read the articles.
Lime Light was started by Doe Deere, a young women with ” a few hundred bucks and a dream” (about, lime crime.). Lime Crime states that their makeup is not tested on animals.
Earlier this year this site was hacked and many customers suffered. Under the security you will find a letter of apology from Doe Deere and what measures they took to secure their website further. Many websites get hacked which is the fault of the criminal hacker where the customer gets hurt as well as the company. Now we must operate on trust that the issue was fixed and will not happen again. Imagine if a company you started got hacked and your customers were affected. What would you do? Lime Crime sent letters to its customers so they could call their credit card companies. Then they had to eat dirt as they read their customer’s reactions online. Then they hired someone to resecure their site to protect their customers and write a letter of appology.(Even Doe Deere knows you can’t live unapologetically on issues like this.) Operate on trust that they have fixed this issue.
On a final note, Lime Crime is about living boldly and colorfully. Just browsing on their website or blog will truely give you a feeling of pure feminine magic.

30 September

Socially And Environmentally Forward Business Booms

What began over sixty years ago in Salto, Brazil, as a small business as a panel factory has grown into the highly successful, diversified international business we know as Eucatex. Back in 1951 the company got its start manufacturing panels and insulation constructed from eucalyptus wood fibers, today’s Eucatex still uses the same fibers while having the distinction of being a socioenvironmentally friendly business. As an effort to produce products at a sustainable and environmentally responsible level, the company opened up a nursery as well as the first wood and fiber recycling line on an industrial level in South America. With offices in various major Brazilian cities as well as Buenos Aires, Argentina, by 1965 the company massed over one hundred tons production capacity and began exporting product overseas to Europe. In 1993 the company invested about three-hundred million reals into expansion for the construction of a paints unit, an MDP unit, a line for finishing hardboard and MDP panels, and maintenance for the forestry unit.

Today Eucatex manufactures furniture, paint, flooring, hardboard and the panels that started it all and still uses the eucalyptus fibers. President of the company, Flavio Maluf, has overseen the growth of Eucatex to having a net income of over two hundred and fifteen million reals, the addition of plants, and stream lining of production. Paints, enamels and varnishes are the newest addition to the Eucatex family of products, with a professional tinting system capable of color matching over two-thousand tints to match virtually any shade imaginable. In 2010 this line further expanded to include waterproofing products for both indoor and outdoor environments, formulated to combat moisture and infiltration.

Over the years Eucatex has earned several awards including the PINI first place in doors, flooring and partitions categories, several Anamaco awards, as well as numerous honorable mentions and awards for environmentally and psychologically friendly business, and best management practices. Part of the Eucatex mission is to grow the company responsibly in regards to quality, social awareness and environmentally friendly practices.

30 September

A Healthy Life Makes a Happy Fur Baby

If you are a pet owner, chances are he is not just your pet, he is part of your family. Perhaps he is like one of your children, or maybe he is your child. No matter how you look at it, he is yours, and you want to be sure he has everything he needs to be healthy and happy. Maybe you and your furry friend enjoy daily walks, or runs in the park. He probably runs to your car every time you open the door, hoping to go with you. He sits by the window, patiently waiting for you to come home. He is devoted to you, because after all, you are all he has, and he relies on you to take care of him.

Bath time, playtime, and regular pet visits are just as important as his daily diet and exercise. I know your best friend wags his tail each time you pull out the Beneful Brand Dog Food. With the real, quality tested ingredients, and variety of flavors, how could he not be happy? With eight varieties of dry dog food and twenty varieties of wet, you will never go wrong. Ingredients such as pork, chicken, lamb and beef, as well as, carrots, barley, rice, and green beans, will not only make your furry friend happy, but you can be rest assured that he will be healthy for life by eating Beneful on samsclub!

Everyone knows how much a dog loves things, such as peanut butter, bacon, and cheese, but you may not want to feed them these “people” foods, because of the fat in them. Why not treat your best buddy with oven-baked dog snacks from Beneful with all these great flavor choices? Convenient to carry with you to the park, reward him for catching the ball by giving him a Beneful dog snack and watch him smile.

Never again will you have to stand around the dog food aisle trying to decide which is better, just grab a bag of Beneful, take it home and observe how happy you will make your fur baby, and that feeling will make you happy as well.

Do everything you can for your companion to make sure he lives a long, happy, comfortable life. Most of all, give him all the love you can and appreciate all he does for you. A pet is a special gift for our own well-being as much as we are for theirs.

26 September

How to Safely use Skout to Find Love

The online world has experienced many changes, which have revolutionized the way people handle different affairs. The fact that the online world offers the largest market makes it also prone to invasion b individuals who hold malicious thoughts. Many people have recorded losses through fraud that has happened online and this has led to more caution when transacting online. All websites are now embracing security systems to ensure their clients to not fall prey of dubious tricks that are applied by fraudsters online. Skout is an online dating platform that has been able to offer the best platforms to many people who are seeking for an avenue where they can search for the right love partner. This is among developers, who have come up with a seamless system that helps to protect the details provided by their clients.

On the part of the users, it is advisable to remain vigilant all the time when using applications like scout. Although Skout has been designed on with top security features, some scammers will draw users off-line after crating sufficient trust and this is how people end up losing their money. So, it is necessary to ensure the person you are about to connect with can be trusted. Most often, people who get involved in fraud use details that are meant to paint them as genuine. One of the ways Skout has managed to help individuals to deal with strangers is by allowing them to make video calls, which help to identify whether the photos supplied are a reflection of the person on the other side. It is vital because most scammers get photos online, which they use in their accounts pretending they are certain people. Therefore, among security measures that have helped reduce instances of users getting swindled, Skout has invested in ensuring people can easily verify the credibility of information provided by members.

It is also necessary to note that hacking has led to massive losses among different people. This has been especially rampant with mobile applications. Therefore, with this information in mind, Skout has invested in ensuring the data provided by their members is secured and protected from all attempts of hacking. They have applied a strict system that has ensured the platform is well secured and any simple attempts of hacking through are thwarted at early stages.

The interface that is offered by Skout is also simple and helps members to easily read through the details of the people they want to connect with. This allows one to make an informed decision while trying to contact a member. One can easily identify those who match the right criteria by using different sort features that are available in the system.

Members are also advised to ensure they do not supply personal information to other people. Such information can be used maliciously in operations that may lead to losses later. It is not right to offer secret details just because of trust. One needs to learn the fact that the online world contains all sorts of people including fraudsters.

23 September

QI Group of Compaies Recognized as a Member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network

The United Nations Global Compact Network has recognized the QI Group of Companies as one of its member organizations. The UNGC is the world’s largest corporate sustainability organization. It asks member organizations to adopt a series of ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. QI took part in this initiative as part of their effort to show their commitment.

As reported by Yahoo Finance, at the 2015 International CSR summit in Singapore, Joeseph Bismark, who is the Group Managing Director of the QI group of Companies, signed the initiative on behalf of the company to show their commitment to the pledge. He was then given a certificate by Ursula Wynhoven who is the General Counsel and Chief of Governance and Social Sustainability. The QI Group of Companies, which is the parent group of QNE is also one of the largest member organizations to sign the initiative.

After accepting the certificate, Bismark was given the opportunity to make a few remarks about the initiative. He is grateful for the privilege of the initiative be and sees it as an opportunity for QI to renew their commitment to upholding human rights, fair labor practices, pro-environmental policies, and anticorruption efforts.

Bismark believes that these practices are the key to a healthy, profitable business. He believes that when a business follows fair and healthy, sustainable practices it will increase transparency and accountability as a whole. He believes that this will then turn into better profits and a more successful business. It is for these reasons that he believes that the UNCG is an important organization that is doing good work.

Joesph Bismark is one of the leaders of the QI group. He is credited with much of the exponential growth of the group. He is also is well known for using a holistic spiritual approach when it comes to his life and business practices. Bismark is a staunch advocate of healthy living and believes that these practices help him to succeed in business.

As a young boy Bismark studied in an ashram in the Philippians where he learned about the importance of living a good spiritual life. He has continued practicing yoga and meditation and believes that both of these practices along with a healthy lifestyle and diet are key to his sucess in business.

22 September

The Perfect Professional Sports Team Owner

How to be the perfect professional sports team owner
Many professional sports team owners were probably the last to be picked when the neighborhood bullies chose teams and players but time flies and now it’s their turn to pick teams to buy since they have all the money to spend on talent. The ultimate owner of a team is far much a god in a world where few people have the power to trade players at a whim or even relocating the team to a desired location. The game only requires a huge cash tag and one fully enjoys the rights to own a team.

Bruce Levenson, a wikipedia star, a successful journalist, and business person, who has ventured into professional sports. He is delightfully the owner of the famous Atlanta Hawks LLC, which owns the Atlanta Hawks NBA. The team has done exclusively well under his leadership. The Hawks are the only team in the Eastern Conference to reach the NBA playoffs for the last consecutive seasons and have the best records in the NBA thanks to Bruce’s dedication. Bruce has no doubt elevated the Hawks to a level desirable by other teams. Mr. Hawks has however presented the interest of selling the team despite having a great leadership role for a decade.

Bruce Levenson is a successful professional sports team owner not by chance but by tactics. Great businessmen are always on the look out to investing great in profitable ventures. It is advised that one should first evaluate their financial situation before taking any further steps into investing. If the investing option is way weightier compared to the financial capability, one may consider a partnership with other potential buyers under stipulated policies that guide through the whole process.

Every business is after making a profit worth the capital invested. Carrying out a research is essential just to make sure you have put your money in the right jack pot. Nonetheless, poor sport performers may be a smart and great bargain given one gets to purchase the team at a low price and gets the chance to invest and improve the team under a new regime. Whichever the option, all options have risks that have to be put into question before moving your cash into the business.

Since team owners have the power to move teams or trade players, it is advisable that the players be relocated to a competing city that offers better incentive subsidies like a new fully equipped stadium. That way, you are assured that the returns will be knocking at the door sooner than expected. A professional sports team owner’s ability, mind strength and monetary power are weighed by the team’s performance and upgrade during the new reign. Mr. Bruce exhibited all the above qualities after the rise of the Hawks who went forward to break records and maintain others while still at the top of the league. Nonetheless, it is evident that the Hawks are quite a treasure considering the fact that they are being grumbled for by other investors.

18 September

Corn Farmers Sue Sygenta

The U.S is the biggest producer of corn in the world, with around 80 million acres dedicated to farming the vegetable. South Carolina is probably the largest producing state producer of the product. Around 20% of what the U.S. corn farmers grows is exported to other countries, mainly to China. Beginning in 2013, trouble began brewing among the U.S. corn growing ranks. The American corn growers customarily acquired their corn seed from the Swiss seed producer Syngenta. In 2013 and 2014, Syngenta sold the farmers a genetically altered GMO seed that China refused to import.

As a result, the U.S corn industry lost billions of dollars during those years. For obvious reasons, this infuriated many farmers who depended on the Chinese sales. They decided to sue. Attorney Mikal Watts is the leading this charge. He is presently attempting to encourage as many farmers as possible to join the lawsuit. Watts has declared that he is fully committed to helping the country recover its massive losses. He adds that even farmers who did not buy the Syngenta seed in the first place may still be able to benefit by joining the lawsuit since the huge loss adversely affected the entire market.

SuperLawyers say this is not the first agricultural-related lawsuit Watts and his team have handled. They have very successfully handled many others.

18 September

Need A Cleaning Service?

Home cleaning services are an important part of the lives of many Americans. Forty-hour work weeks, kids, extracurricular activities, PTAS, help with homework, cooking dinner, long commutes, all of these activities and more are part of a typical week for many Americans families. In modern day America it can be difficult for many families to find time for it all.

Whether single or married, the long hours that the typical American puts into their job can make it difficult to leave much time for cleaning. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to come home and have it all done? How much time would you have back? Many Americans are discovering the answer. Home cleaning services, can save time for those with busy schedules and can free up time spent doing busy work for those who wish to pursue other hobbies and interests.

If you are considering hiring a cleaning service there are many option for the modern American consumer. First and foremost there are some qualifications you should look for in a professional cleaning service. When approaching a cleaning service for hire, as with any service, it is best to seek out references.

Check in with past clients if available, or ask the service for a list of references. Check online reputation sites, such as Yelp or Yahoo. Look up the companies record and standing or any complaints they may have had on the BBB website.

Don’t feel shy about asking questions. You will want to ask the company what it is that you can expect from their cleaning services. You will also need to have an initial discussion with the prospective company, about what and where you would like for them to clean within your home. It is from this information that they will be able to furnish you with a quote.

Technology has effected our lives in many positive ways and the cleaning sector is not immune to its effects. Today you can do much of your searching and even vet cleaning services online. Handy, an innovative leader in the cleaning industry, is taking cleaning a step further towards being current with the latest tech advances.

Handy, much like Uber, works to place the right cleaning service with clients. They are responsible for all of the vetting of their professional cleaning staff, giving your reliable top-notch services that you can trust. All of the cleaning professionals on Handy have received background checks, in depth interviews and have been vetted for references. The company receives many inquiries from cleaning professionals wishing to join the team, but approves on 3% of the requests, making Handy harder to join than Harvard!

With so many options for cleaning services it is important to hire a company you can trust. Check out some companies in your area online and find the company that works for you. Once you have made an appointment enjoy the thought that soon your home will sparkle.

16 September

Igor Cornelsen Has Some Smart Advice To Give

Igor Cornelsen is a smart man who has been very kind to those who are wanting to invest some money into the stock market by offering them some great advice. Igor Cornelsen has learned a lot through the years, and what he has learned is valuable to those who are just getting a start in making investments. He is happy to share all that he has learned with them, so that they can make investments that are well thought out, and that will leave them richer than they have ever been before.

One of the biggest concerns that Igor Cornelsen has for those who are investing is that they will accidentally put their money into a corrupt company. That happens all too often, and the biggest thing that can be done to prevent it from happening is for the investor to carefully research whatever companies that they are taking into consideration before putting their money into them. That way they will be able to know whether a company is worthy of their investment, or not, before they actually put anything into it.

Another concern that Igor Cornelsen has for those who are investing is that they will invest in companies that will not stick around for too long. A lot of people get tricked into investing in companies that offer products that are part of a fad, and that are not going to last, and he says that the better thing for them to do would be for them to invest in a company that sells products that people are always in need of. He says that if they invest in a company that sell something like food products, then they will have a better chance of getting a good amount back from their investments.

Igor Cornelsen has taken a lot of time to learn all that he has about the stock market, and everyone who wants to invest their money into it would be smart to take his advice and follow through on it.

The world of finance is complex and important. People will need to deal with this area their entire lives. This need often starts the moment someone has a paying job. They will need to figure out how to save money in order to help them accumulate a nest egg that they can tap into in the event of an emergency such as possible job loss or an unexpected illness of some kind. Many people also want to have savings in order to help them do fun things in life such as buying a house they like or taking a vacation to a new and exotic place. Having funds on hand can be the ideal way to accomplish all such goals and avoid financial problems that may cause problems such as debt.

The right financial advice can be essential when making such choices. Someone who wants to be able to figure out what kind of investments are best for their specific background will often find it very helpful to work with a skilled financier such as Igor Cornelsen. Cornelsen is a native of Brazil, one of the world’s most thriving marketplaces. The nation of Brazil is both fifth in area and fifth in overall world population. Many native Brazilians have helped provide economic opportunity for their fellow Brazilians as well as those living in other parts of Latin America such Brazil and Peru. His understanding of such markets have helped him enjoy the chance for an impressive lifestyle and the opportunity to help others do the same.

Cornelsen has an extensive background in the field of Brazilian banking. His work has included many areas of finance in this part of the world as well as work in other areas of the market such as the markets of the United States. He has studied both regions extensively in an effort to help spot opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked by the ordinary investor who lacks his insights and his financial background. As a result of his efforts, Cornelsen has been able to do very well financially and have homes n both the United States in Miami and his native Brazil.

His work has led him to be involved in many varied business ventures that have done quite well. His insights have also shown others who wish to invest in Brazil how they can do the same even though they may not know the area well. They can follow his advice and figure out how to expand their own portfolios in order to provide the kind of necessary diversification that can help the investor assure themselves of growth even when they are facing a possible down market and need to have funds.

Igor Cornelsen knows everything there is to know about investing in Brazil. That is the reputation this legendary investment advisor has earned after helping people to make money in Brazil for decades. Cornelsen is intimately familiar with Brazil’s top stock markets, companies, banks, government, and rules, regulations, and laws related to investing in Brazil. That’s because before he was an investment advisor Igor Cornelsen held positions of power in the Brazilian government, the largest banks, and the most lucrative and best known companies. That has made him uniquely qualified to provide investors with the information they need if they want to consistently make money investing in Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen knows Brazil and its power brokers. He also has a deep understanding of the people, the markets, and which companies are poised to explode on to the world stage. He can not only tell you which companies and industries in which you should invest, he can also explain why you should invest in them and about how long it will take before the profits begin to roll in. Cornelsen can also make you aware of companies and industries of which you should steer clear. A meeting with Igor Cornelsen is like paying a visit to the Delphic Oracle. You will be given information that’s so accurate it’s almost frightening.

But legendary Brazilian investment advisor Igor Cornelsen tells you more than what companies to invest in and when, he also explains how to invest in the Brazilian markets and companies if you want to maximize the return on your investment. Cornelsen has two basic rules for investing in Brazil. The rules are simple yet effective. Rule One: Invest for the long term. Rule Two: Diversify your investments. Thousands of people have followed this simple advice and it has enabled them to make money hand over fist.

Now is a great time to invest in Brazil. The Olympics will be in Rio in 2016. The government is pouring money into infrastructure projects. The country’s treasure trove of natural resources is being developed like never before, and millions of Brazilians, foreign workers, and tourists are walking around the country with pockets full of money look for food, clothing, shelter, and entertainment. With the help of Igor Cornelsen you can make investments in Brazil that may still be paying dividends when your grandchildren are grown.

Brazil used to be called El Dorado, the City of Gold. Today Brazil is once again teeming with opportunities for great wealth. But investors need someone with knowledge of Brazil and its markets in order to do well. The man that can lead you to the hidden riches in Brazil is Igor Cornelsen because of his knowledge, insight, and experience.

Investing in the stock market might seem simple to some, but Igor Cornelsen knows differently. He has spent many years studying the stock market, and he has come to know it pretty well. He has learned that being successful in one’s investments is a lot more complicated than most people think, but he has also come up with some strategies for doing just that.

One things that Igor Cornelsen feels is important for everyone who is investing to do is to put their money into more than one company. When just one company is invested in by an individual that is too risky. The company could go under and all of that person’s money would be lost all at once. So, instead of doing that, Igor Cornelsen suggests that everyone who is investing put their money into multiple companies. That is the better way to go about things if one wants to know that they will be getting some money back.

The stock market is a lot more challenging than most people may realize at first, and it is great for everyone who is thinking of investing their money into it to have Igor Cornelsen’s advice to follow. They would not be able to make it nearly as well on their own as they will be able to do when they do the things that Igor Cornelsen suggests that they do. It’s always good to have a knowledgeable person to look up to when one is attempting to do something new, and thanks to all of the research that Igor Cornelsen has done on the stock market, now every person who is wanting to invest in it has someone to look up to. They can see the things that Igor Cornelsen tells them to do, and they can follow through on them to make wise investments.

Igor Cornelsen spent years learning about the stock market to help out more people than just himself. He has not kept the strategies that he has come up with to himself, but he has instead shared his thoughts with the world. Now, when someone wants to invest a bit of their money into the stock market for the first time, they can know how to do that with the greatest chance of success. They can know how to be smart about their investments, instead of just putting their money into any company that they see.

There are three things that Igor Cornelsen lists as being very important when one wants to invest. One of those things is that the person who is investing needs to look carefully at the companies that they are thinking of investing in before they invest, so that they can know that they are not corrupt. Another piece of advice that he has to offer is that one should invest in multiple companies, since they never know if a company is going to go under. And, another thing that he has to say is that it is a smart idea to invest in a company that sells products that are going to stick around. He says that a food company is a good one to invest in, since people are always going to be in need of food.

People who are investing for the first time would not be able to do as well by themselves as they will be able to do with Igor Cornelsen’s advice, and they should be grateful to him for giving it to them. He was ambitious when he went out to learn all that he could about the stock market and what works in it, and his ambition has been able to help many people.

Becoming knowledgeable in any given subject is not an easy matter, and it is even harder to become knowledgeable in something as complicated as the stock market. But hard work has never scared Igor Cornelsen away from doing anything. He wanted to learn all that he could about the stock market, and he did that. He studied it for a good amount of time and learned a lot about it. Now, when he offers people advice on what they should do in regard to the stock market, they can know that they can trust him because he has spent so much time learning about it.

Igor Cornelsen has become smart in regard to the stock market because he forced himself to stick with learning about it. He knows more in regard to the stock market than most people could ever hope to know, and when someone is getting ready to make their first investment it would be a good idea for them to keep Igor Cornelsen in mind. They should look to the advice that he has given, and then they should make their investments carefully. It’s good for them to be able to have someone like Igor Cornelsen to listen to when they are doing something as big as making an investment in the stock market.

Igor Cornelsen has become knowledgeable in the stock market by hard work alone, and he serves as an inspiration for so many reason. Anyone who wants to learn a lot about any given subject can look up to what he’s done and realize that they can do it, too, and anyone who wants to learn more about the stock market can take into consideration the fact that he has made that happen for himself. The stock market might be complicated, but if one is determined to take the time to learn about it, then they should be able to grow wise in it.

14 September


Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur and a businessman in the USA. He was the co-owner of Atlanta Hawks an NBA team until 2014 when he sold off his shares. Bruce Levenson is married to Mrs. Karen Levensen, and they are blessed with three sons.

National Basketball Association is the regional circuit of professional men basketballers. The athletes compete throughout the scheduled season under their prospective teams with the aim of winning the basketball league in the North America continent. The National Basketball Association is widely recognized as the best men’s basketball league in the universe. The league comprises of 30 teams in total, where 29 of them are based in America and the other (1) from Canada. National Basketball Association is very popular and has attracted many fantastic fans.

The league was formerly called Basketball Association of America (BAA) which was founded in the year 1946. The name National Basketball Association was formed on August 3, 1949, after Basketball Association of America (BAA) merged with its major archrival known as National Basketball League (NBL). National Basketball Association began with 17 teams that were members of the Basketball Association of America. When NBA began its operations, it brought in significant changes that were aimed at transforming the league into a better one. NBA planned structures that improved the teams’ income, growth in popularity and brought in sponsorships for the team and the league itself. NBA also drafted the game rules to make it more competitive and to avoid match-fixing.

The changes that NBA brought in the game saw the league get more fans in the stadiums. National Basketball Association continued to strengthen the teams and shifted the teams across the states that were helpful because the teams gained popularity, and the locals were happy to be identified as part of the groups. National Basketball Association also set up the regulations that helped the team to buy and sell their players in the transfer market so as to strengthen their teams or make an income through selling. The regulations also controlled the transfer market to ensure that the teams did not breach the rights and contract of the players. These developments were very positive because they saw the league expand from 17 teams to 22 teams in the year 1976.

The transfer market policies brought in by NBA saw the league get games’ greats players like Michael Jordan, who played for Chicago Bulls, Bird Johnson and Bill Russell just to mention a few. The popularity of Chicago identifying itself with players like Jordan led to more cities demanding for teams of their own. NBA reacted with adding more teams to a tally of 29.

NBA provided the Olympic dream team of 1992 where its 11 stars played in the competition. In the year 1995 NBA expanded to Canada with the addition of Toronto Raptors, which is the only Canadian representatives. Mr. David Stern, who served as league Commissioner, is remembered for his positive development and growth of the NBA globally.