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31 August

Joseph Bismark Leads By Example With His Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is catching on throughout the world thanks to its ethical soundness and health benefits. Joseph Bismark is a business leader who strongly believes in vegetarianism and promotes the topic whenever he can. Bismark, who is one of the founding directors of the QI Group of Companies, has been involved in a healthy lifestyle since his earliest days. He has helped infuse QNET with the same interest in health and well-being that he has always embraced. Not only does Bismark carefully watch what he eats, he also is a practitioner of Yoga for its health and spiritual benefits.

According to a release found on Business Wire, Joseph Bismark has been involved in every aspect of Yoga there is. He has long been a student of the practice. He is now a master of Yoga at he Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. He continues to train at that school. He also stays active by swimming and cycling as much as possible. Since QNET sells health and wellness products, Bismark is a big believer in practicing what he preaches. Bismark is a big fan of using technology to aid with his exercise and meditation. He recommends a number of tools in the Business Wire article, so it’s worth checking out for anyone who is interested in adopting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Bismark has been working with QI Group as a Managing Director since 2008. He’s a big believer in the personal power that individuals have and the fact that people can accomplish what they set out to do. QNET has grown because of its independent representatives, many of whom are brand new to business. Their top people have a strong desire to succeed and work accordingly. Bismark has long stated that people should never lose sight of their spiritual pursuits when seeking success. He believes it’s possible to manage both business and spiritual needs with no conflict. His commitment to yoga and wellness is a sign of that commitment. QNET is a large distributor of health and wellness products. They sell to their customers because they believe in the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. They have become one of the largest of all Asian direct selling companies based on the strength of their product quality and their positioning. The wellness sector is growing all over the world as people seek healthier alternatives to common items. QNET is ready for the next phase of growth.

28 August

I Gave My Dog A Beneful Treat For The First Time

I don’t know how my pet managed to hurt himself, but he was playing in the yard, and the next thing I know he was whimpering. I went over to him, and because he’s so small, I picked him up in my arms. He wouldn’t stop whimpering, so I had to rush him to the veterinarian, and it turns out that he had broken his leg. Based on where I found him, I think he may have fallen down the small hill in our backyard, and he may have landed on a rock or something. It wasn’t a bad break, but he still was in a lot of pain.

I was so sad for my dog that I sat there and cried while they bandaged him up. I wasn’t sure how we would be able to get around, but they gave him one of those things that goes around his behind. The mobile was made so that he could rest his legs while pulling himself forward, and the thing had wheels on it. It was almost a cute site to see him in the thing with the wheels on it, but I knew he was still hurting.

The first thing I did was to ask the veterinarian what I could do to make the dog more comfortable, and she said that he shouldn’t do anything strenuous, and absolutely no excessive exercise. She also said he wouldn’t be able to go on regular walks for a while. Although I felt bad for my dog, I’m still glad that he’s okay. We left the vet’s office, and I went straight to the pet store for some food. I picked up my usual bag of Samsclub Beneful, and for the first time, I decided to get some Beneful treats as well.

I’ve never really been one to feed my dog treats because I felt that having food was good enough, but in this situation, I felt he deserved a treat. I decided I was going to put a fence around my backyard so that the hill area where the dog fell wouldn’t be accessible anymore. Unless the dog dug under the fence to get back there, he wouldn’t have to worry about falling again. I’m just sorry that it took my dog getting hurt before I realize how dangerous that part of the yard was. I went straight home, and I poured out a bowl of Beneful for the dog.

Maybe it’s because the had been sedated at the vet’s office why he was so hungry now. He ate the entire bowl of food, and he’s never done that before. I thought about pouring him another half a bowl of food, and after I did, he ate all of that too. I didn’t know if he could manage it, but I took out a Beneful treat and gave it to him. He gobbled down the treat, and he even licked my hand afterward. At least now I know that I’ll be buying Beneful treats again as well as the Beneful dog food.

25 August

Beneful and the Heat

I live in the south. This means that we must care for our animals differently than people that live in more moderate climates. Most dogs are still outside animals for us. If a dog is a house dog, then they are virtually habituated to the inside and are never outside. However, there is a reason for this beyond that most people have yards in these areas, and in cities, most people are apartment dwellers. It is more a case of vermin for us. Because extended periods of cold weather are virtually nonexistent in average winters, it is almost impossible to rid dogs and cats of fleas and ticks. This vermin causes many illnesses that can be deeply debilitating or deadly. There is no long winter to mitigate the numbers of these pests. This is also the reason that house dogs are not allowed to run freely and then return to the inside.

As a trainer and breeder, I have very expensive dogs and lots of them. I have a converted metal building that I utilize for my kennel. Although the kennels are under the shed portion, they are open to the elements on every other side. This is for circulation, but also because these animals would never see air conditioning in a natural setting. I utilize the air-conditioned portion for pregnant and nursing mothers, puppies and infirmed dogs. However, there are some rules for these dogs remaining outside in the summer months. First of all, dogs should match their owners and the climates that they will be living in, but if an owner does end up with a hairy dog in a warm climate, they may have no choice but to keep the dog inside during the hottest months. If this is not possible, they should shave the dog. He will look as if he has been wronged, but he will thank you for it.

All dogs need to be in a shaded area with constant contact to cool water. I make blocks of ice by freezing almost anything that will hold water and that is also disposable. I place a large block of ice in each of the kiddie pools that I leave for each dog. They will use this cool water to drink or lie in. Dogs do not sweat, they cool by panting. A nice shade tree with an icy kiddie pool is heaven for my dogs. Sometimes you can hear them snoring. They must also be fed slightly differently in the summer months because digesting food produces core heat.

This would not be conducive in the daytime heat and would make the dog uncomfortable, so I feed them Beneful wet version in the late evenings in the summer with a slight ration in the early mornings of Beneful’s dry dog food. In the winter months, I may feed equally in the mornings and at night because the elevation of their core temperature suits them in colder weather. I use Beneful for many reasons, but its versatility is what I really like about the brand.

25 August

Providing a Pet with the Best Care

Those who take a dog into their home and welcome it into their family make a big decision and a big commitment. When someone decides to have a pet that individual needs to be ready to do all that they can to look out for that pet. Committing to a pet is something that many choose to do, and it can be a positive decision that brings about positive results. Those who are going to commit to a pet need to make sure that they have time to set aside to give that pet the care that he needs. Those who are looking out for a pet and who have taken one into their home need to be ready to give that pet the right help and care.

There is a commitment that goes into the decision to bring a pet home, but not everyone fully commits to raising that pet in the best way. Not everyone commits to doing all that they can to make sure that their pet gets the best care possible. Every animal deserves to have an owner who is going to offer him or her the greatest of care, but not every animal has that. When an individual decides to bring a pet home it is important that that individual does what they can to make sure that their pet receives the best care and the most love and support that it can possibly receive.

Beneful on Youtube is a brand that is available for those pet owners who have made the commitment to give their pet the best care. Those pet owners who have decided that their pet is deserving of the right help and the greatest of care can turn to the Beneful brand when they are looking for food that will be right for that pet. When someone is looking to feed their animal in a way that gives that animal the care and nutrition that he or she deserves they can look to the Beneful brand to offer them the help that is right for that pet. The Beneful brand is there for the caring pet owners who want to give their animal the food that is right for him or her.

18 August

The Top Spinal Surgery Centers

Individuals living with severe back pains know that it can be crippling. If an active person suddenly is unable to do the things they love, it can be emotionally and physically draining. For some people, it could also cost them their job. Sometimes over the counter medication does not cut it and will only lead to future problems if left untreated. That is why it’s important to find the right treatment specialists that can bring pain relief. There are so many options available today for patients that require pain management. Take for example, certain people may only need a steroid shot, electrotherapy, muscle relaxants or minimal surgery. Not every person has to go to extremes to improve his or her situation. With countless spinal surgery centers in America, it can be a daunting task choosing the best one.

Places like North American Spine take care of patients suffering from chronic pain and realize that providing quality health care are vital. Doctors are using all sorts of advanced techniques to aid in getting patients back to ideal health. The North American Spine has an exclusive new procedure called AccuraScope, in which uses a tiny laser that works on tissue ultimately to repair the affected area. Diagnostic tools like high definition cameras are involved with the procedure to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The laser does not touch the bone nor is it overly invasive. Many patients have reported feeling immediate relief after treatment and are able to return to work soon after. That is the type of positive feedback most patients want to hear when receiving any type of operation. As of late, AccuraScope has been performed around 8,000 times, with an overall success rate of 82%. The amount of money and time saved when it comes to possible out of pocket costs at five year period are enormous. No one wants to make constant office visits or waste money on medication that only provides temporary comfort.

The North American Spine are experts in their field and recently just celebrated six years of performing AccuraScope. Even celebrities have embraced the procedure, such as country music sensation Larry Gatlin. Gatlin went to the North American Spine for help with his persistent leg pain he has been dealing with for 47 years. Gatlin states that it feels like a miracle and is grateful to have gone through the procedure. There are other medical facilities that are nationally recognize that handle orthopedic care. Palomar Health Orthopedic & Spine Center in San Diego County feature physicians that are more than adequate to conduct treatment following a inflammatory or degeneration spine issues. Regardless of what medical center a patients go to for care, they must do research to make certain that it is right for them.

15 August

You Can Find New York City Real Estate Easier With Help From Town Real Estate

When you think about moving to a new place, does it get you frustrated? Maybe you even feel a bit down because of the fact that you have to move. Although most people get excited when they know they have to move to a new place, moving can be very frustrating, and it’s not something that everyone enjoys. Think of the reason why you have to move, and you can decide if it’s worth all the effort. If you know for a fact that you have to move, and there is no other choice, then get some help so you won’t be so frustrated with the move.

The first help you need is a real estate agent to help you find a great new home. Finding any home is possible, even if you take very little time to look on your own. If you want the best home that you can find in New York City apartments for rent, then you will need a real estate agent for this. Although it’s not impossible for you to look on your own and find an amazing home, maybe there is a better home out there for you, and you just don’t know it yet. If you hire a great real estate agent, you’ll be surprised at what type of homes they have available.

Maybe you’re a single person with a loft in mind, but your real estate agent may be able to find you a bigger place that has more square footage, and it may be in the same price range you were going to pay for a loft. It’s because of scenarios like this why a real estate agent is necessary because no one person can ever know all the listings available for real estate in the New York City area. Since New York City is such a big place, it can be difficult when it comes time to look for a new place to live.

You don’t want to accidentally pass up a great place to live because you were uninformed about what places were available in New York City. Town Real Estate is a company that has so much experience in the New York City area that many people use their agency when it comes time to move. Town Real Estate has some spectacular listings, and some of them may be exclusive to the agency itself. If you’re looking for a luxurious place that has all the space you need, and the space allows you to entertain your friends and family, then you’ll want Town Real Estate’s help. Town Real Estate has so many great listings that there is no reason to go to any other realtor when it comes time to move around New York City.

15 August

Dr. Amen Discovers the Key to Healthy Living

Dr. Daniel Amen is determined to change the way people view nutrition. For those who don’t know, Dr. Amen is an acclaimed author and psychiatrist. He has written countless books on dieting and all of the benefits that come with holistic eating. In fact, Dr. Amen is a strong advocate for the use of a nutrient-rich diet. He believes that those people who maintain a high-quality diet will live longer lives. Not only this, though, but Dr. Amen also suggests that a nutrient-rich diet will help treat common psychiatric ailments. This includes depression and ADD. According to Dr. Amen, this approach will truly better a lot of lives.

In order to improve the overall health of the body, Dr. Amen recommends eating foods like raw spinach and walnuts. That’s because these foods allow people to feel their very best. One of the main reasons for this is that these items contain a high amount of magnesium. This is especially true for raw spinach. It’s this magnesium that encourages relaxation, better sleep and decreased pain. Besides this, foods such as walnuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids essentially support healthy brain cell membranes, which lead to a great memory and a good night’s sleep.

Of course, lean proteins are another vital part of holistic eating. That’s because these proteins help balance blood sugar in the body. The proteins also provide individuals with the right building blocks for brain health. When a person eats just a bit of high-quality protein, the brain will start producing dopamine. Dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter that lets people focus better and stay motivated. Similar to this, cacao beans are known to help individuals focus as well as strengthen their cardiovascular system. These beans, which are used to make chocolate, contain phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine is actually a natural chemical released by the brain when falling in love.

Dr. Amen knew that the key to a long life was eating foods that bettered the body. From raw spinach to lean proteins, a nutrient-rich diet is the way to go.

13 August

Understanding Gifted Children And Their Social and Emotional Difficulties

Gifted children with social and emotional difficulties go hand in hand. To appreciate them, it’s a good idea to see how your child’s mental power can affect his or her performance. These children can intellectually comprehend abstract theories, but most can’t deal with emotional matters. This leads to concerns about death, their futures, sexuality, and other complex issues according to Dr. Daniel Amen.

Perfectionism is often a problem of these children. They are usually mentally ahead of their physical development. This causes great frustration for them and their parents. This child may also be able to converse with adults about current subjects like global warming, world hunger, and war. However, it’s not uncommon for them to be crying the next minute because their sibling took their favorite toy.

Don’t underestimate the gifted child. They can be both manipulative and argumentative at the same time. They’re the children that parents say are politicians or lawyers in the making. No matter the intellect of a child, they still require proper discipline when they cross boundaries. It’s nothing for this child to be able to outsmart both their parents and teachers. They use a sophisticated vocabulary and have a sense of humor that makes them misunderstood. They love to be around adults, as they feel inferior or rejected from peers their same age.

Many parents feel that their child is smart and extraordinary. However, a real gifted child has above average intelligence and typically social and emotional problems stemming from this. As a parent, there are many things that you can do to help this child flourish. Dr. Amen sees children like this on a continual basis. He experiences the laughter and tears of raising a child that has issues of this caliber. Being gifted can be a gift and a curse. Often, Dr. Amen finds that these children have other issues that come into play. From ADHD to being Autism Spectrum Disorder, it is not unlikely to find that these children’s needs go far beyond that of just being smart.

Dr. Amen has six clinics around the country that he uses to help those who are mentally challenged. With the utilization of the SPECT machine, he can quickly zero in on areas of the brain that are being affected. He formulates a plan and has helped many people. From athletes to celebrities, many say he is one of the most modern psychiatrists there is. He is willing to help, warm and kind and not afraid to use groundbreaking technologies to ensure that his patients get the treatment they need. Dr. Amen has written several books on depression, ADHD, and other mental health conditions. He is truly a legend in our time. With help from his associates, he is slowly taking the stigma out of mental health treatment.

Click here to read Dr. Amen’s questionnaire.

12 August

Brian Torchin Cares About Making People Well

It takes a lot to have a good career in the medical field, and Brian Torchin knows that better than most. He has put in his all to be the best at what he does, and he is a very respected man because of that. When people are trying to get into the medical field they would be wise to use the career that he has had as an example of what they should do. And they would be wise to hear the advice that he has to offer and to put it into practice. shows us that Brian Torchin says that people just starting off in their careers need to be quick when trying to get a job. Hospital jobs are not just going to wait around for someone to show up, but they are going to fill up quickly. And, he says that if someone is not able to get a job in a hospital right away, then it would be time for them to look into joining a staffing agency.

The wisdom that Brian Torchin has has been gained through his years of experience in this field. He knows a lot, because he has lived through it all. He is a wise man, and he generously takes all that he has learned and gives advice to those just getting started in their careers. He knows that the medical field is a tough place, and that at times it can get discouraging. But, his focus has always been on helping people to get well, and if others are focused on that, as well, then they should be able to stick with it. Because, no matter how hard the road gets, if their focus is on making people better, then they should have the ambition and motivation to get things done, just like Brian Torchin has.

09 August

Dr. Daniel Amen – His Book Can Help Anybody Heal Their Bodies

Holistic healing has been the subject of many ancient programs helping people achieve growth and development, alongside healing in their bodies. A holistic approach can help anybody enhance their body to become stronger and healthier. The process is oftentimes thought of as impossible for others to do, whether it’s hours of meditation or some kind of weird ritual. The truth is that anybody can find healing for their body by simply using the power of eating healthier. Daniel Amen has proven time and time again that what a human eats can dictate their overall health.

Belief In Healing

His belief in healing even difficult conditions like depression and ADD through healthier eating and holistic healing has made him attain national attention. He garnered national attention after he shared his book and knowledge on the topic of holistic he align because of its different approach to healing even the most difficult of conditions and mental diseases. With strong belief in his faith and research over the years, he has compiled all of his knowledge into articles, books, columns, and every other place on the web to help people achieve their best health.

His Excellent Book

“The Daniel Plan,” is his main book that has changed the minds of readers and skeptics. Thousands of people have changed their lives, got rid of mental conditions, and got the body of their dreams by using this book as a guideline to living healthier. A diet plan is included inside along with thousands of golden nuggets on healthy eating. Anybody can change their health and body using this program, and Dr. Daniel knows his stuff because everything he shares has been researched, studied, and practiced. His book is a great resource of information that will make anybody a believer in the power of holistic healing.

Dr. Daniel Amen has gladly shared his tips and secrets on the web with thousands of great ideas to help achieve better living. Whether it’s talking about improving the brain or getting in the right mood for the day, he shares what anybody can eat to make those goals reality. His book gives wonderful insight on his tactics and belief system, and he is continuing his success with the hopes of reaching a bigger audience to help more people overcome difficulties in their health and body. Dr. Daniel Amen is one of the few people who knows the power of holistic healing.