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01 August

Beneful provides dogs with a balanced meal

My mother always told me that you are what you eat. She also explained that our bodies are like a computer, if you put junk in you will get junk out. When I was growing up we had many dogs, and my mother would remind me of the “you are what you eat” statement when she was feeding the dogs. She would explain that the dogs are as much as family and she and I. You feed your dogs in the same way as you feed the other parts of your family. Just like reading the nutrition labels on the side of a box of food, you would do the same thing with dog food. From that day on, I would read the sides of the packages of all the food I ate or I was giving to my family. I was shocked to find that many of the dog food labels stated that they contained things I wouldn’t ever feed my child. If I wouldn’t feed this stuff to my family, why would it be ok to feed this stuff to my furry piece of family? It didn’t make sense. That’s when I discovered Beneful.

When I began looking at the nutrition labels of the dog food products I couldn’t believe what I found. I found a description of ground up bones, ground of “meal’ and other weird things that I had never heard of. In fact, many of the dog foods I looked at did not even have any meat at all. It was as if they picked up a bunch of scraps from the bottom of the butchers, added a huge amount of unpronounceable preservatives, and then smashed it altogether into a kibble. I was sickened that these companies would serve this to one of our family members. When I discovered Benenful I was amazed. The companies whole mission is to keep my dog happy and healthy. They use real ingredients targeted to what your dog needs in his day to day life. They also have put the food through a process that tests the food for taste. So many of the dog food these days leave out taste which is one of the reason dogs beg for human food so much. Beneful’s wet dog food has real meat and real vegetables. Because just like a human, a dog needs a balanced meal of meat and vegetables. Beneful’s wet food comes with multiple different types of real meat like chicken, beef, lamb or pork. Then, as the bags show you, they add in vegetables such as carrots, peas, rice, and even green beans. When you feed your dog Beneful, they are getting a wholesome and balanced meal.

30 July

Shooting at Lafayette Movie Theater Kills Patrons

A gunman in a crowded showing of the movie Train Wreck opened fire on the innocent Lafayette audience before turning the gun on himself. The local, state, and FBI presence was on the scene quickly, and were seen rushing into the theater even as shots were heard coming from the gunman. The killer waited until twenty minutes into the movie to begin opening fire on the people watching the film.

When the gunman opened fire and began shooting, people at first assumed it was part of the movie. Then when the light flashes from the gun were seen, the room turned deadly. The shooter killed two people and injured at least nine others including Kenneth Griffin before he took his own life. The authorities were still investigating the incident into the early morning hours to see if this was a single shooter or if others were involved. Although a package was discovered inside the shooters vehicle, it was not a bomb and no further threat was present to people in the area.

People that were interviewed after the horrific shooting remind the news reporters that this appears to be a copycat situation. Only recently another gunman sat in a crowded movie theater and waited twenty minutes before opening fire on the crowd. Those interviewed expressed concern with how easy it is to acquire guns in this country compared to other parts of the world. Yes crime can happen anywhere, but it appears the rise in people getting guns and committing these crimes are escalating.

29 July

What Should a Dog Food Company Use in Their Advertising?

When a dog food company is trying to attract our attention, what should they be using in their advertising? When a dog food company wants to capture our attention and convince us to pay attention to their advertising, what should they offer in that advertising? I believe that a dog food brand should use dogs in their advertising, and I think that images and videos of dogs are what those of us dog lovers who are watching the ads want to see. When a company uses dogs in their advertising, then they draw in those who love dogs.

Beneful is not afraid of using dogs as part of their advertising. In fact, the majority of the advertising that Beneful does is very dog focused. Even the tweets that this company sends out are filled with images of dogs. When a company wants to gain our attention, they need to show us images and videos that warm our hearts and amuse us, and a dog food company needs to use dogs to do that.

22 July

What is Bi-Polar Disorder?

The term Bi-Polar is commonly used to describe someone whose moods are unstable. They can fluctuate from intense periods of mania to severe depression. They often have delusions of grandeur and will take risk that the normal minded person wouldn’t take. While there are many people who in fact have this condition, it is way over diagnosed in our society.

The condition used to be called Manic Depressive because these people tend to be depressed and manic. A period of mania only has to occur once to receive an official diagnosis of bi-polar disorder. Mania is defined as a period of time where one is super excited and feels like they can do anything. These periods cause people to do strange things like write a significant amount of checks that they don’t have the money to cover. They also will do things like go in debt for big items they can’t afford. Aside from financial risk there are also the other risks. It is not uncommon for those suffering with mania to be loud, obnoxious and to even take risk with sexual activities.

The condition is called “bi” because the person fluctuates between depression and mania. The cycles can be dependable and can happen like clockwork, or the family can walk on egg shells around the person in hopes of not setting off another cycle. There has been little accomplished to truly understand why and how the brain chemicals become unbalanced and cause issues of this nature. Some find that it is due to a strong genetic link, while others feel it is triggered by trauma and things that happen in life. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics is one who understands and focuses his career in the fight against mental illness. He goes beyond the limits of conventional medication and treatments to help his patients get the relief they so desperately seek.

Dealing with bi-polar is not easy, in fact it is anything but easy. Rather, he studies the brains of those who are affected with such mental illnesses and then those of normal people. Using a single-photon emission computed tomography, or SPECT scan, he is able to tell the areas of the brain that are not working properly. With more than 50,000 people scanned to date, he has had great outcomes in using both conventional and unconventional methods. Tom Dempsey, a famous NFL Football player is one of the quests who have undergone a scan by Amen. After a serious injury, Dempsey was left damaged from the impact. Through these special scans, he was able to find three holes in his brain from the game. Just a diagnosis of mental illness would have been sufficient, but Amen went on further and found out the root cause of the illness.

Mental illness is something that is very taxing to deal with both to the person and to the family. Having people who aren’t afraid to look outside the box to find ways to help is imperative.

22 July

Joseph Bismark: A Versatile Leader

Joseph Bismark is a versatile leader with many talents and interests. Originally born into a wealthy family, Bismark shunned his childhood life by moving to an ashram in the Philippines at the age of 17. He relocated to the solitude of the mountains where he underwent the teaching of the monks which helped to shape his life. Living the simple life has allowed Bismarck to appreciate how important traits like honesty, humility, and remaining centered are.

After leaving the ashram, Bismark entered the world of business. By 2008, he was working with the QI conglomeration where he was named as Managing Director. He works to promote teamwork, leadership, and empowerment within the confines of the office. While at QI, Bismarck has also helped to establish QNet where he is acting manager. As manager of QNet, he is highly respected for his creativity, leadership, and business acumen. Part of his success is his ability to bring his spiritual side to the business world.

Not only is Bismark a spiritual businessman, he is also a philanthropist. He works closely with his company’s charity, QI’s RHYTHM foundation. Through RHYTHM, Bismarck helps give back to those in need. His leadership skills has helped to raise the social platform for RHYTHM. Bismarck also works to serve as a role model for those around him. He believes in instilling confidence and spirituality in those around him. Bismarck believes that everyone has potential, they just need to have guidance to reach their full potential. He also works to remain honest in his business practices. He is a firm believer in the truth and serves as an inspiration to those who have come in contact with him.

For the full story on Joseph Bismark, click the link to check it out on Newsom Thing Was Going On Blog.

21 July

North American Spine Continues To Succeed

WFAA’s Good Morning Texas has featured North American Spine, which is an influential health care company which is dedicated to treating neck and back pain from patients. The main feature of this segment was Dr. Basem Abdelfattah.

Dr. Base, has expressed satisfaction with the results of the AccuraScope procedure. He has seen that people experience relief that lasts them for a long time. The results are due to understanding the patients and the type of issues that they are having. After all, the pain that each patient goes through is every bit as different as the patient himself. The cause of the pain is different, too.

Marketwatch writes that one of the aspects of the success of North American Spine comes from the fact that the patients are completely pain free from the procedure. They do not have to undergo any lengthy recovery period. The surgical procedure is actually very quick. They just have to show up for the procedure and within a couple of hours, they are finished and can leave the office. Within the week, they can return to work.

However, people that have tissue related problems are those that can benefit the most from AccuraScope. If one has problems with the bone, then they might not get as much benefits from the procedure.

19 July

Marijuana Competition at D.C. State Fair

Washington D.C. is adding a different kind of competition to it’s State Fair this year. There will be a marijuana growing competition for those who want to showcase their efforts in this field of agriculture and dog show sponsored by beneful. The area recently made marijuana use legal. This is not the typical growing contest, but it does show that there are areas of the country that are willing to acknowledge that there might not be as much wrong with the plant as first thought. Some of the things that judges will look for are the appearance of the buds and the leaves, the size, the smell and how the plant has been grown. It’s a time when growers can show their skills off with a plant that was once deemed unhealthy or bad. Only one bud from a plant can be entered in the contest, but pictures of the plant could be submitted so that judges can see where the bud originated from before harvesting.

17 July

Ebola is Back Again

It’s a never ending story with Ebola in Liberia and other cities in that part of the world. There has been at least one case reported as a new outbreak looks like it’s in the works. The woman who contracted Ebola died only a short time after arriving at the hospital to get help. Now, it’s time for Liberia to step up and put a stop to the spread of the disease. People with beneful need to be quarantined. If the government would think properly, they would be able to see that there are a few simple techniques that can be put in place in order to deal with the outbreak if it ever develops into the magnitude that it was before. It seems like the government doesn’t care about what happens to the people who contract the disease as they simply let them get sick and toss them aside like a bag of trash.

16 July

Slyce, SnipSnap, and Image Recognition

SnipSnap is a coupon firm that has an app that allows users to simply take a picture of a coupon. At your convenience, you can show this picture for a redemption. The company estimates that over four million mobile users currently use its app. And it is growing quickly. Although it is not the only mobile coupon app, as of 2014 it is the largest. Image recognition giant Slyce Inc. recently began the process of buying the couponing company for a whopping $6.5 million. They are scheduled to complete the process on February 5.

Upon attaining ownership, Slyce will not change much about the day to day business itself. The company will continue to be based in Philadelphia and run by its founder Ted Mann. There will be changes, however. Before Slyce’s image recognition was mainly only used to take pictures of items you want to purchase and then be redirected to sites on which to purchase it. Now the Slyce image recognition technology will work in direct conjunction with the SnipSnap technology. As far as the SnipSnap people are concerned this will be an extremely positive change since the two technologies work so well together. In fact, this was the very reason they sold their company to Slyce. It was not a move based on a need for more money, but rather a move with a careful plan of improvement in mind.

That is not the end for them. SnipSnap is definitely not done perfecting itself. Among many other innovations, the company has also started aiding various retailers by creating coupons for them over every kind of cyberspace. But that is only one more step along a long visualized road to the future. There is a lot more to do and Slyce’s image recognition technology is going to help get them there.

02 July

HIV Vaccine Faked

There are researchers who are legitimately trying to find a vaccine for HIV, and there are those who are only pretending to be doing the research. One man claimed that he had positive results faked them, and he is now serving a four and a half year prison sentence. This man not only made false claims, but LinkedIn claimed he played with the lives of those who have HIV. He gave them hope that there is a vaccine out there, only to dash them by researchers finding that the man spiked rabbit blood in order to give the results. One has to ask how someone can do this in a world where there are people suffering every day, trying to find a cure for the diseases they have. This man could have simply admitted that he was wrong, but it looks like money was at the root of the claim as millions of dollars were involved in the research.