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20 May

Troy McQuagge: A Multiple-Award Winning Innovative Leader

The health insurance industry is very competitive and a competition to win the coveted CEO of the Year Award in any platform honoring business and professional excellence is even harder to win. However, it is a fete that Troy McQuagge the current president and chief executive officer at USHEALTH Group, Inc. achieved in 2017 beating stiff competition from hundreds of worthy competitors. He was honored by the One Planet Awards with the Gold Prize. It was an industry and peer recognition that honored his excellent track record at the head of USHEALTH Group, Inc. He joined the Fort Worth, Texas-based company in 2010 where he was put in charge of the company’s subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors. His excellent and visionary leadership at company, which saw him successfully retool and rebuild the subsidiary, was reward in 2014 when he was appointed as the Group’s chief executive officer and president. Click Here for more.

One Planet Awards, which honored the CEO of the health and life insurance company dedicated to providing innovative insurance plans, accepts nominations for the awards from both public and private sectors from across the globe. Mr. McQuagge believes that award recognizes the company’s commitment towards providing innovative yet affordable health insurance services.

Visionary Leadership

Troy McQuagge is a multi-skilled leader with elite leadership capabilities as exemplified by his impeccable track record in several leadership positions he has held in the corporate sector. His unparalleled leadership skills were first horned at the University of Central Florida where he graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies. Over the years, he has acquired multiple skills including insurance brokerage, marketing, financial planning, leadership and health insurance among others. These skills have been instrumental in his professional success.

Troy McQuagge has amassed over 30 years of professional experience with a significant portion of it serving as a company executive. He joined the health insurance industry in 1983 when he joined Allstate Insurance before joining UICI/Health Market for one year in 1995. In 1996, he was appointed as the president of Agency marketing Group where he served successfully for over a decade. He served as the president and chief executive officer at USHEALTH Advisors for over six years in 2010 before joining the parent company in 2014 in the same positions. Troy at Facebook .

Awards and Honors

Troy McQuagge excellent leadership in the various companies he has worked for has seen him honored with numerous awards. From 2007, he has been honored by the prestigious Stevie Awards including finishing as a finalist in 2007 in the hiring and recruiting category, a Gold, Bronze and Silver in 2007, 2013 and 2012, respectively. Stevie Awards has also honored him with a Sales Growth Achievement and Fields Team of the Year Awards. He has also been awarded by the World CEO Awards and Golden Bridge Awards.

15 May

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics: Succeeding Like No Other

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is seeing a level of success many wouldn’t believe. In today’s fashion, success is a hard thing to come by. Yet, in the four years since its launch, Fabletics has grown into a $250 million company. Fabletics is one of the world leaders of the ‘activewear’ movement.

Historically, high-value brands are products of fair prices and good quality. Today, consumers care about more than just price and quality. Although those two things stay a determining factor, consumers like when companies go above and beyond. High-value brands are now determined by things like customer experience, brand recognition, and last-mile service.

To stay ahead of the game, Fabletics has begun “reverse showrooming.” Ordinarily, “showrooming” kills physicals stores. “Showrooming” is when someone browses offline but buys somewhere else cheaper. Fabletics welcomes random people into their stores. The brand famously hosts dozens of events and public activities annually.

The purpose of this strategy is to build relationships and get to know the local markets. Even though Fabletics is a membership mechanic, this strategy has paid off tremendously. Almost half of the people who come into their stores are already members, and one-fourth of visitors become members in store.

Managing a fashion brand in an industry overflowing with fashion juggernauts is not easy. So how does Kate Hudson do it? First, she’s a Golden Globe-winning actress and renowned fashion icon. She eventually got the opportunity to explore owning a business when TechStyle approached her. She decided to create a brand that offered fair-priced on-trend fashion, regardless of size, age, or ability.

It wasn’t enough to create just athletic wear. She wanted to cash in on the “athleisure” trend. Millennials decide much of today’s fashion. Millennials are more health conscious, and relaxation is a part of being healthy. Being able to wear clothes that are appropriate for both the gym and around town is a millennial’s dream.

Fabletics has stayed above other companies by offering lower prices. Members can buy an entire outfit for the same amount of money they’d spend buying just one pair of leggings from a different high-value brand.

Being a Fabletics member means receiving discounts up to 50 percent and getting outfit suggestion based on one’s personal fashion and lifestyle preferences. For anyone thinking about joining Fabletics, they can take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz.

14 May

Troy McQuagge Continues His Outstanding Tradition of Business Celebrity

Troy McQuagge has yet again been named Chief Executive Officer of the year. This USHEALTH Group leader clinched the One Planet award, an award that recognizes professionalism and excellence in the office without bias for the sector of the economy the businesses operate. Organizations across the globe are welcome to submit nominations be they be in the private or public sector. Non profits, small businesses and even start ups are not locked out of this process.

When Troy McQuagge started working for USHEALTH, he set out to rebuild the company’s captive distribution team and advisors. His good work with the re-tooling of advisors led to his election as The Company’s CEO in 2014. His tenure has been a successful one with the company growing from strength to strength in the insurance market.

Upon being awarded by One Planet, McQuagge was humble enough to state that the award belonged to all the USHEALTH Group staff. He went on to justify the company’s success at the award ceremony saying that his company’s commitment to offer affordable healthcare alternatives helped create confidence among customers. Troy McQuagge on Facebook.

One Planet Awards

This international award is handed to companies that are thriving in the area of business they operate. The award, like many others, has multiple categories: teams, public relations, marketing, communications, new products and executives.

USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH is a company in the insurance sector based in Texas. This insurance company provides health cover to individuals and small business owners. The company aspires to empower its employees and encourage synergy in their marketing approach. It also aspires to provide top drawer customer services in all its interaction with clients.

Education and Volunteering

Troy McQuagge completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida in 1982.

Troy has volunteered for many causes including Semper FiFund a charity in 2015. In September 2014 he volunteered for HopeKids in Dallas a year after volunteering for the same group in Phoenix the previous year. In 2012 he volunteered for Crisis Nursery in Phoenix. He also volunteered in Phoenix in 2010 for Phoenix New Orleans.

12 May

Real Estate in Miami

The real estate market is booming in Miami. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are going on in this business. With the growth in people moving to the area, the demand for housing has never been higher. This is driving up a lot of the cost in the area for people who are trying to buy property. In addition, investors are starting to see that these changes are occurring. With these changes, a lot of people want to help others with their growth and mission. Samuel Strauch is a leading real estate mind in the area. With his great success, you can learn a lot from him on how to deal with challenges in your life on a daily basis. Now is a great time to try and learn from him on real estate investing strategies.

Samuel Strauch

From the time that Mr. Strauch started out in business, a lot of people have looked up to the hard work and the success that he has accomplished. There are few people in this field who have had as much success as he has. The great thing about him is the fact that he is always looking for ways to take his career to a new level. Not only that, but he is really excited about a bunch of the changes that he is making in this area. If you are ready to try and make some money in the market, make sure you work on a plan with him.


When it comes to investing, the people who have a plan get ahead much more than the people who just try to make quick decisions. Samuel Strauch is one of the leaders in the field, and running your plan by him is a great way to limit your risk.

11 May

Health Screening Services Provided by Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a prominent provider of protective health screening. The health knowledge they provide is critical in enabling people to live healthier lives. By partnering with doctors in identifying any health problem early, Life Line Screening improves the quality of life.

Life Line Screening has highly trained and skilled healthcare professionals. Life Line Screening goes around America, providing the services at community centers, worship centers, senior centers, and companies.

Services Provided

Life Line Screening provides the following screening;

– Abdominal aortic aneurysm

– Atrial fibrillation

– Cholesterol

– Heart disease

– Peripheral arterial disease

– Diabetes

– Carotid artery

Most of these diseases have no symptoms, making screening very important. If these heath issues are identified in time, they are treatable and their risks are reduced.

In addition, the preventive screenings provided are safe, non-invasive, fast, and pain-free. The results obtained are only discussed and shared with your doctor. The results are important to the commencement of treatment or change of lifestyle in case a health problem is identified.

The three types of screenings that are provided;

  1. Ultrasound Screening (Sonography)

This method of screening images structures inside the body by using waves. Life Line Screening an advanced ultrasound technology called Doppler color flow.

The four tests that Line Life Screening does using ultrasound are;

– Abdominal aorta

– Legs

– Carotid artery disease

– Heel bone

Once the screening is done, results are emailed after 21 days.

  1. Finger stick Screening

This screening is simple as the only blood required is a few drops. This screening is important in the identification of heart disease and diabetes. Life Line Screening uses instruments that are approved by FDA, accurate, and used widely in America. The process takes less than 10 minutes to generate results.

Finger stick blood screening is done for;

– Measuring the level of cholesterol.

– Blood sugar.

– Cardiovascular disease

– Liver injury.

  1. Limited electrocardiograph

This screening is important in detecting atrial fibrillation. This condition increases the chances of getting a stroke.

Life Line Screening also has a blog where they post their upcoming events and important information related to healthy living.


11 May

Tempus: An Innovate Solution by Eric Lefkofsky

Tempus is a unique, innovative technology company which is planning to build the largest library in the whole world that contain the data of clinical and molecular data along with a system that could be used by anyone to access that data and use it according to one’s need. Their approach uses transcriptomic and genomic sequencing in their lab, and they are using a globally acclaimed technology known as deep machine learning to assist doctors to have a better comprehension of the tumor of each patient.

The platform of Tempos let doctors, physicians, and surgeons analyze the data and compare it with clinical data to uncover more customized treatment options so that a patient can have a more effective therapy so they can recover from the disease sooner. The reporting structure that is being used at Tempus these days is one of the best in the whole country and that’s is because the mind that is leading the team of professional and that name is none other than Mr Eric. He is one of the lead scientists and an individual who had that idea and wanted to develop a platform which could help doctors as well as patient to get effective treatment. Click here to know more.

There reporting structure deliver a thorough report directly to the physician of a patient that highlight illegal insights and also their implications for treatment of a patient. And with the collaboration with researchers and physicians, they are trying to develop a brand new cell-culture and automation technology, which lets screening of therapies to happen in animal and synthetic models, despite the patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus and holding these crucial position shows that he is a dedicated individual who is working hard to come up with something that could aid not just the medical practitioner but also the patients. Eric said that they built a system to assist physicians and surgeons in the clinic to examine the unbelievable amounts of data and also to make decisions in real-time in order effectively treat the patients. And help them to get quality treatment within budget.


10 May

Mullen Lowe – One of the renowned Ad Agencies in Brazil

Mullen Lowe Brasil is a leading ad agency founded some year ago. The co-CEO of the Brazilian advertising agency is Mr Jose Henrique Borghi. Among the first major projects that Mr Jose Borghi worked on when he first joined the company was a significant success in his career. He was an integral part of the team that handled a fundamental change of structure at the Mullen Lowe ad agency.

Mr Jose Henrique Borghi previously worked for a company that merged with Mullen Lowe Brasil. Mr Jose Borghi received his degree in Advertisement in 1988. After graduating university, he started occupying a position at the Standard Ogilvy a few month later the same year. He has also worked for a few years as a Talent Writer. After that, Mr Jose Borghi began his career at the Mullen Lowe Brazilian advertising agency. Mr Jose Henrique Borghi has worked with a wide variety of companies including some of the largest and most influential brands in the world. He has worked on projects for all kinds of industries such as the automotive, technology, beauty, makeup, health and fitness industry and much more. He is also the owner of an extensive collection of awards from festivals and leaderboards. Mr Jose Borghi has received over thirty awards in recognition of his professional achievements and learn more about Borghi.

The Mullen Lowe Brasil is among the largest ad agencies in Brazil. They have worked with both local and international brands. The company has been in partnerships with Toyota, Samsung, Fiat, American Express, and America on Line to name a few. The Brazilian advertising agency has also worked for individuals such as singers, actors and entrepreneurs. The main building of Mullen Lowe Brasil is located in Sao Paulo, but there is also an office building in Rio de Janeiro. The company has been growing rapidly and read full article.

More visit:

08 May

Scaling the Height in the Financial Industry

The Texas Bankers Associations holds an annual conference that brings together prominent figures in the banking industry. Its main objective is to protect the interest of bankers through evaluating the business environment and developing strategies of mitigating turbulence within the industry. Last year, John Holt, the CEO and President of Nexbank was at the podium to speak on “Reinventing the Banking Industry: Perspectives on Competing by Innovations.” The summit took place in Louisiana, New Orleans.


Among the key issues he spoke about were the new technological systems, and how the new devices disrupt financial markets. He also spoke on what the changes mean to major industrial stakeholders. Having been at the pinnacle of Nexbank, he applauded the efforts of the institution in improving community banking with an aim to explore market opportunities and growth.


On 17th April, 2017, Nexbank happily announced the re-election of John Holt to the Texas Bankers Association Board. The CEO was also awarded the Chairmanship of the Community Bankers Council and will carry on sitting for the Executive Committee, Audit and Finance Committee, together with the Investment Committee.


About NexBank

NexBank Capital, LLC is a financial services firm that strives to serve clients through its three core businesses; Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional services. They provide tailor-made financial solutions to top financial firms, institutional clientele, enterprises and individual persons.


It was established in 1934 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The bank occupies a fair ranking as compared to other competitors. Since its incorporation, the firm has soured to higher heights. Currently, it stands at No. 14 in the list of the largest financial institution, and at No. 215 in the national ranking of the same category.


NexBank acknowledges the integral role that quality manpower plays in its attempts to meet the goals and objectives. The leadership and the Board of Directors consist of experienced individuals who have scaled glittering careers in the financial industry.


08 May

A Look at Greg Finch, a Well-Known Orthopedic Surgeon, and Two Common Forms of Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic surgery is a type of surgery that is involved with the musculoskeletal system. The procedure is used to treat and repair any damage that might be caused by a sport-related injury, or an accident.

There are two main types of orthopedic surgeries carried out today. They include:

Knee Arthroplasty or Knee Replacement:

This is a form of orthopedic surgery that is used to completely remove the surface of the knee that is used to bear weight. This surgical procedure is common to patients who are diagnosed with arthritis.

Once the surgeon successfully displaces the patella to one side, the distal and the proximal are exposed. The edges of these two bones are cut accurately. Both the ACL and the cartilages are removed. The surgeon may also remove the posterior cruciate ligament if a need arises. Both the fibular and the tibial collateral ligaments are kept. The doctor may use PMMA or the alternative to fixing the metal components. A round ended implant replaces the femur.

Hip replacement:

This procedure is a surgical process that is used to replace a hip joint by using a prosthetic implant. The hip replacement can take part as a half replacement or a total replacement. In the total replacement, the surgeon will replace the femoral head and the acetabulum. In the half replacement, the surgeon only replaces the femoral head.

Among the best orthopedic surgeons in Australia is Greg Finch. Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon working at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and specializes in spinal surgery.

Greg Finch graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He has worked as an orthopedic surgeon in reputable hospitals across the country.

05 May

A Synopsis of James Dondero and the Highland Capital Management Fund

James Dondero is the chairman and chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management. Based out of Dallas, Mr. Dondero and his team specialize in credit investments, and as of Dec. 31, 2016, his firm has nearly $20 billion in assets under management. Mr. Dondero previously worked as a credit investor for American Express where he managed nearly $1 billion in assets.


Mr. Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Fund currently has a portfolio value of $2,130,274,000. Some of the top industries Mr. James Dondero likes to focus on include technology, services, healthcare and basic materials. The top holdings in his mutual fund include American Airlines Group, Ishares Trust, Twitter, Inc. and Loral Space and Communications. Mr. Dondero’s Highland fund holds 3.2 million shares of American Airlines and nearly 3 million shares of Loral Space and Communications.


Highland Capital recently announced the addition of Damon Krytzer as managing director to help support business development. Mr. Krytzer previously worked for Greywolf Capital Management, a firm specializing in structured and corporate credit with over $3 billion in assets. He also worked as the head of tactical research at Waverly Advisors and started his investment career with UBS and Oppenheimer.


Highland Capital’s long/short strategy is in healthcare, which Mr. Dondero considers one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. He backs up his long/short strategy in healthcare by making it the largest investment sector in his portfolio at $2.3 billion in assets. However, the fund believes in a balanced portfolio, which is why Highland diversifies its industries among other sectors such as technology and the service sector.