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28 November

Beneful’s Treats Will Make Any Dog Smile

Beneful is dedicated to providing safe, healthy and nutritious foods for dogs of all ages and sizes. Offering a wide variety of fares to over 15 million dogs per year, Beneful has never had a product recall for any of their products. Since the company’s inception, Beneful has gradually increased their offerings, covering the nutritional needs of dogs for every meal. As well as providing wet and dry food, Beneful now also has treats available in many sizes to suit the needs of dogs small and large.

Available in a size suitable for small and medium dogs alike, Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Ridges contains hard working ingredients on that strengthen teeth and bones. These treats are accented with fresh parsley, which helps keep your pet’s breath fresh all day. And as a tasty bonus, there is a delectable and succulent meaty middle that will aid in reducing plaque and tartar buildup to ensure each pup’s smile stays bright.

For bigger dogs, there is Beneful on Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Ridges available in a large size. These hefty treats come in a generous, resealable 8.4 ounce pouch to keep in the freshness for times when your pet isn’t enjoying a snack. Peppered with green parsley that packs a breath freshening punch, Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Ridges will knock out even the worst doggy breath, leaving your pooch with not only a sparkling white smile but a wagging tail as well.

Mini dogs need not feel left out because Beneful has them covered with Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Twists. These tiny treats are the perfect size for tiny dogs and have delicious flavor that Beneful is known for providing. These twists help with eradicating tartar and plaque buildup on teeth and have added calcium to strengthen and protect those little bones. Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Twists have a coil of bright green, fresh parsley that will keep breath fresh for hours on end.

If your medium sized hound needs a yummy, chewy treat, look no further than Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Twists formulated for medium sized dogs. Each twist has a delectable green coil of parsley for extra breath freshening power. With calcium to support healthy bone development, these meaty delights will have your dog smiling from ear to ear.

As shown above, Beneful treats do more than just make you doggy happy, they also provide your dog with the minerals and vitamins they need to thrive and live a joyful life.

24 November

Doctor Sergio Cortes, Your Back’s Best Friend

Our modern life of high technology has increased our activity in some ways, but has also brought on more back pain as well. We all tend to do a lot more sitting, often in the incorrect chair for whatever we are doing with our upper bodies. This produces poor posture, which is one cause of back pain which has recently risen in reported frequency. If not treated in time, this can become the source of continuing chronic back pain. But, Dr. Cortes can educate anyone in some simple stretching breaks that will keep this back pain from continuing to be a problem or from turning into a much worse problem.

Ever the medical professional, Dr. Sergio Cortes gives specific instructions to his patients to correct back problems by correcting posture. He comments on the stance a patient must hold their body in as much as possible, and the correct exercises to help promote good body posture. Some of these exercises are designed also to directly relieve pain and build toned muscle.

A number of very debilitating issues, mostly attended by serious pain, are caused by bad posture. These include herniated discs, sciatica, and neck stiffness. If left untreated, these painful issues become chronic. Dr. Cortes states, “Staying too long in a sitting posture is not good… So exercise is required to bring a good attitude to the body again… Without an exercise routine, it is difficult to lead a life without pain at some point.”

There are many ways to exercise. You can take up cycling, yoga, Pilates, walking, jogging, and swimming as healthy ways to contribute to your own health. Most of these exercises do not require a doctor or physical therapist to be present. Although, Dr. Cortes does recommend that you seek a physician’s evaluation and advice as to which exercises are best for your particular physical condition and situation. However, Dr. Cortes says some forms of exercise are detrimental to our backs, such as regular street bicycling, which he says places out bodies and muscles in the wrong attitude for good posture. He strongly recommends that we pedal an upright exercise bike.

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19 November

Beneful Is A Great Tasting Food That’s Enjoyed By Most Dogs

I picked up my dog’s bowl of food the other day and noticed that it was more than halfway full. I noticed that lately the dog hasn’t been eating his food, and I knew that it was time to make the switch to a different brand. I did some shopping around to determine what brand of dog food I would choose, but I decided that I would choose Beneful on petco. There are many reasons why I thought Beneful would be the best food for my dog, and the meat content in the food is one of the reasons. I also like the fact that the food has vegetables included, and there are vitamins and minerals in the food too.

I take my dog for regular walks, and I know that Beneful is helping my dog on to get the energy he needs to go on walks. Sometimes, my dog used to get so tired when we would go for a walk for half an hour, and I would end up having to take him home prematurely. I now can walk my dog for the full half-hour, and we will even walk for an extra 15 minutes on top of that. I’ve seen a real change in my dog since I started feeding him Beneful, and it might be because of the fact that Beneful is something he really likes. He’ll eat his Beneful and not even looking up at me, which is different than how he behaved before.

Before I started feeding my dog Beneful, he might take a bite of the food, walk away from it, come back later, take another bite, and then he was done. I now find an empty bowl every time I give my dog Beneful, and I know that it’s because the food is so wholesome and very good to him. I wish that I had chosen to buy Beneful in the past, but I would never have learned how much he liked Beneful if I didn’t make the choice to buy another dog food in the past that he didn’t like. Beneful is a great dog food that’s extremely reasonably priced as well.

11 November

Dream Dog Park Building More Dog Parks

The world famous Dream Dog Park Program from the Purinastore Beneful food company is making waves yet again with their latest program. They just recently reached their five year anniversary with the park being in existence, and this simple little way to helping more future dog parks and improving current parks is being done. Working with some of the best companies and fundraiser groups in the world, you will find that they are coming up with as many crowd funding opportunities to create more places for dog owners and dogs to come together. These dog parks are surely making big changes. Dream Dog Park Building More Dog Parks This dog park by Petco is trying to create new opportunities and as many improvements to provide dogs in many cities the chance to be active in nice little areas. Beneful is a reliable brand that has already created some very wonderful unique dog parks already in four different cities in the United States. Their crafty ideas, goals, and amazing things that they have added is their huge designs that they use. Originally being shared on PRNewsWire, this article is continuing to grow and be shared on different media outlets because of the wonderful things that Beneful has already done in the past. Working with only the best fundraising groups in the area, this dog park is ultimately going to do more good as the years continue. Beneful wants to build more places for dogs and their owners to bond, and only time will tell before they raise tons and tons more money to create more amazing opportunities. Beneful has worked hard over the years to craft only the best products for dogs. Their dog parks and their improvements to current parks is only helping them to make bigger change and make wonderful things happen for the future.

09 November

Dr. Sharma Partners With North American Spine in Las Vegas

Dr. Satish Sharma, Anesthesiology and Pain Management physician, and diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology has partnered with North American Spine, the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope procedure. This tremendous minimally invasive surgery will now be offered at Red Rock Surgery Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Satish Sharma will treat patients at Red Rock Surgery Center and also see patients at the Advanced Pain Management Center for consultations and post-op appointments.

The AccuraScope procedure is the cutting edge of minimally invasive surgery, especially when it comes to neck and back surgery. The AccuraScope procedure in most cases is performed in less than an hour, and patients are released to return to their home within a few hours after the surgery and are walking pain-free in most instances. There are occasions when additional surgery may be required when the repair cannot be performed in one procedure since the incision is so small, but this is for the benefit of the patient. Patients who suffer chronic pain from a wide-range of disorders may need additional minimally invasive surgeries to achieve the full benefits of the surgery. Dr. Sharma is very excited at the opportunity to extend to his patients the latest advances in spinal surgery with the least amount of recovery time and to provide the most benefit of pain relief. This advancement allows many patients who would not be able to undergo lengthy surgery to receive the AccuraScope procedure because of its limited invasiveness, a point patients are quick to praise on Facebook

To date, North American Spine has performed more than 8,000 procedures at their Dallas offices using this state-of-the-art technique, AccuraScope. NAS physicians are all spinal experts, and are specifically trained in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Pain Management, Minimally Invasive AccuraScope Surgery and technique. AccuraScope procedure has an 82% success rate. North American Spine has additional treatments and procedures that include CuraSpine and SecuraSpine. These are minimally invasive decompression procedures designed for patients suffering from the instability of the spine. The process stabilizes the spine and is minimally invasive providing less chance of complication and a much shorter recovery period. NAS has surgical centers in Texas and Arizona, and expanding throughout the United States.

Dr. Sharma, partnering with North American Spine, will enhance the lives of so many people living in and around the Las Vegas Area. The growing needs for laser surgery facilities in the Las Vegas Area will improve the lives of many residents in that area and people in nearby cities receive the pain management they need.

02 November

How You Can Get Published On Wikipedia

Wikipedia is hard to land a spot on. Wikipedia is very competitive, even though the contributors are rarely paid by anyone to create content. Getting an article or even something as small as an edit approved can take lots of hard work and effort, and the chance stands that your article or edit might not get approved. Some writers have had to submit edits time after time in order to correct facts and formats.

Nobody should try to write new articles or additions about topics that already have pages existing on Wikipedia. If it is available on another site but not on Wikipedia, it is ok to add it to make a new Wikipedia page, but your article stands a strong chance of never being accepted if you are trying to start a new article about something that is already around.

Writing should be reviewed by other Wikipedia writers and content contributors to increase the chances of having a piece accepted the first time around. This option is not always available, but most of the time, after being on Wikipedia for a while, writers are able to find a partner or multiple partners that share a mutually beneficial relationship in which both read each others’ writing when it needs to be revised.

Get Your Wiki is a website on the internet that has workers that host writing services for people who need additions or edits on Wikipedia. Keep in mind that everybody is not fully informed of all the tricks to using a computer, which takes a long time to learn. Articles about virtually anything appropriate can be choosed for a topic, and Get Your Wiki is guaranteed to pull through and deliver content that is up to expectations. All one has to do is simply perform a search online to find this business, Get Your Wiki.

Play around in the sandbox first before actually going through with changing a format or something different. A sandbox is a place where you can edit the article or piece of literature all you want without anything changing permanently. As soon as you leave the sandbox, all the changes are reverted back into their original form. There are also personal sandboxes that can be accessed if you have a Wikipedia account. It is very easy to make an account, and it is the first step that one can take in their path to editing and creating Wikipedia articles.

13 October

Bruce Levenson is an Average Guy with Millions

Bruce Levenson has been a journalist, a businessman, a father, a husband and a millionaire. Undoubtedly, many folks have similar backgrounds, however, very few can tout that they are millionaires. So, just how does an average sort of guy like Bruce Levenson wind up with millions? Perhaps, it’s just obvious. Could it be ambition, hard work and perseverance? Perhaps, his early beginnings and background hold the mysteries to his success.

The one thing that many millionaires have in common is that they are smart or they have the right people working for them. So, it would seem logical that Bruce should secure his education early on with a major in Political Science at Washington University and a law degree at American University.

After finishing school, Bruce began to pursue and develop his interests in journalism. Bruce would work for a newspaper called the Washington Star. In addition, he worked at the Observer where he was responsible for writing an energy information newsletter. Although, Bruce didn’t know it at the time, there was a good chance that his work at the Observer laid the foundation for his success.

Whether it was truly a stroke of genius or just dumb luck, the smartest thing Bruce Levenson ever did was to launch UCG back in the late seventies. Bruce and his buddy, Ed Peskowitz had this great idea for a newsletter centered on the information industry.

They would write a newsletter about financial services, energy, oil and technology. Who would have thought that two young guys kicking around a bunch of ideas in an old storage room of a liquor store could be onto something?

Bruce and Ed would work from a one-bedroom apartment where they planned the details of their newsletter. Success began to smile on them when they distributed almost 1,000 newsletters under the doors of an oil conference.

Today, United Communications Group is a huge publisher producing more than 150 different publications revolving around, education, taxes, technology, telecommunications, automotive services, government and more. To say that the company was and still is a huge success would be an understatement!

By this time, there is little doubt that Bruce was financially set. However, Levenson had a number of interests and was ready to take on new challenges. Bruce would go on to start another new company called Tech Target. Bruce is still active as a director on their board.

Most people could never conceive of having enough money to buy into a basketball team, but that is exactly what Bruce Levenson did. Basketball has always been Bruce’s passion. He had enough money and the opportunity, so he became an owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Obviously, money can make dreams come true.

Eventually he sold the team, and today, he keeps busy with UCG, Tech Target and a number of philanthropy interests. Bruce is happily married and the father of three sons. He is also a grandfather and enjoys spending time with his grand kids. Today, Bruce is a successful millionaire and well, just a regular guy.

09 October

Handy’s guide to selecting a competent house cleaning company

The busy lifestyle makes it hard for people to keep their business premises and homes clean. It is also important to have a new apartment cleaned on before one moves in. If one cannot do the cleaning by himself or herself, it is advisable to seek professional cleaning services for assistance. The cost of professional cleaning is minimal compared to sparkling clean house that results from the exercise.

A business premise requires to be clean to attract the new customers that visit, for healthy employees and keep diseases away from the workplace. The frequented areas such as the sanitarium and the reception get dirty so quickly and may require cleaning about twice a day. A company may hire a full time janitor to do daily cleaning. However, it always advisable to hire a professional cleaning company like from Handy as it has the equipment and expertise to handle different types of cleaning.

When hiring a professional cleaning company, it is important for one to consider professional firms. If a firm is within the vicinity, it is able to do the cleaning on time and handle any emergency cleaning such as when there is a chemical spill. It is also easier to follow up with a firm nearby that a faraway cleaning firm.

It is also good to seek quotes from a few companies before zeroing on one. The quotes include such services as mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing the restrooms and litter collection. Some cleaning firms also offer specialized cleaning that include carpet cleaning and polishing wooden floors. The quotes also show the frequency of any type of cleaning in a week. Some firms offer one a choice of different service levels and cleaning frequencies at different prices.

It vital for one to select a firm that is both insured and bonded. Insurance cover indemnifies the house owner or business from injuries that may occur in the process of cleaning. A bonded firm caters from any loss of property that may be reported after its janitors have left the premise.

Finally, one should ask the cleaning company if it has handled other cleaning assignments in the past. While there may be new companies that do a good job, experience sets a company above the rest. One should use his or her discretion in determining whether to hire new cleaning firms.

One should also ask for a trial period before he or she can sign for a longer contract for cleaning services. During the trial period, one should check for friendliness, punctuality, and quality of work. If the quality of work is satisfying, one can the sign up for services for longer.

Handy is a leading online and mobile cleaning company. Within two years of its launch, handy had been booked for business worth over $1 million per week. To bolster its services, Handy has invested heavily on re-defining their business and creating mobile apps. Many customers find it more convenient to book services through their mobile phones. Handy cleaning professionals are also thoroughly vetted to ensure that they offer the best quality cleaning services, are honest and trustworthy. With handy at hand, cleaning is as easy as a click of a button.

08 October

Bernardo Chua Drives Organo Gold To New Levels Of Prosperity

Leading entrepreneur Bernardo Chua is on a mission to share Organo
Gold’s proprietary products with individuals worldwide. His interest
in business management flourished after he served as an executive at
Gano Excel in the Philippines. His early experiences as an influential
leader were extremely rewarding especially since his strategies helped
to expand the company to Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States.
Currently, he is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Organo
Gold, which is a lucrative direct sales corporation that is most known
for their signature coffee. As the head director of this
well-respected company, Chua employs his former knowledge from Gano
Excel to propel Organo Gold to new levels of productivity and

Organo Gold’s extensive selection of unprecedented and unique consumer goods is
attracting a variety of patrons from across the globe. Although the
marketplace encompasses many nutritional products, the company’s
uniqueness lies in their proprietary manufacturing process that
involves the inclusion of a rare and miraculous ingredient known as
Ganoderma. This incredible mushroom is typically utilized in
traditional Asian medicine; however, after ample research, Chua and
his team of expert scientists discovered that the herb is also
effective in ingestible products. According to Dr. Shi-Jean Lee who is
the most renowned doctor in the Ming Dynasty, Ganoderma promotes
overall good health and a sustained life. Remarkably, in his book
Great Pharmacopoeia he describes the potency of this herb in extensive

Organo Gold’s long-term success is fueled by Chua’s noteworthy
managerial skills, which involves overseeing their exceptional
wellness products. Currently, the company maintains a comprehensive
database of offerings in four major categories including Brewing Cups,
Beverages, Nutrition, and Personal Care. Moreover, some of their most
popular items are the Green Teas, Café’ Latte, G3 Beauty Soap,
Mycelium, Spore Power, Black Coffee, and OG Smile. These proprietary
offerings are greatly appreciated by many consumers as the products
are rich in naturally beneficial compounds and ingredients such as
selenium, polysaccharides, triterpenes, Ginseng, Cordyceps Militaris,
and of course, Ganoderma Lucidum.

Today, Organo Gold is known as the leading direct sales corporation
and, as a result, Chua and his executive team are frequently searching
for more opportunities to expand more internationally. With a global
footprint in overall 35 countries, the extremely knowledgeable
employees work tirelessly to develop consumer goods that cater to the
needs and expectation of different cultures around the world.
Remarkably, Chua has received wide-spread recognition for his creative
product development efforts as he was recently endowed the Dangal ng
Bayan Award and National Consumers Quality Award. In addition, his
company has repeatedly earned the Direct Sales Company of the Year
acknowledgement for their success in introducing Ganoderma to the
competitive marketplace.

06 October

Express Yourself with Bold Colorful Makeup at Lime Crime

Have a passion for colorful makeup? Love making heads turn with bright colorful hair? Lime Crime online is the perfect site for your bright and colorful makeup needs.
When navigating the colorful website of Lime crime, you will notice three bold lines stacked vertically on the top left corner of the page. Clicking on these lines will drop down a menu to search your specific wants or needs of the different types of makeup or even hair dye.
Lime Crime is simply magical with their clever product names from unicorn lipstick and zodiac glitter, giving a feeling of whimsy. The first image that meets your eyes are two bold colorful lips adorned with Lime Crime’s velveteen liquid to matte lipstick against a Blue cloudy sky backdrop. Swiping your finger across the page or hitting an arrow will bring up other images against this blue cloudy backdrop giving you the feeling that you are floating through the air.
In the menu section, you can find the lookbook. Click on this to find a magical story of three beautiful young ladies who find a magical guitar. The story and images inspire you to recreate their looks and to keep reading the story until the end. Under the photos gives a brief discription of which Lime Crime products each of the girls are wearing.
In the menu section click on Blog which will direct you to Lime Crime’s blog. On their blog you can find contests and fanfriday where customers submitt pictures and their stories of their experience with Lime Crime makeup and hair dye. Why not on a rainy day or when your bored just browse Lime Crime’s blog on tumblr to view the beautiful images and read the articles.
Lime Light was started by Doe Deere, a young women with ” a few hundred bucks and a dream” (about, lime crime.). Lime Crime states that their makeup is not tested on animals.
Earlier this year this site was hacked and many customers suffered. Under the security you will find a letter of apology from Doe Deere and what measures they took to secure their website further. Many websites get hacked which is the fault of the criminal hacker where the customer gets hurt as well as the company. Now we must operate on trust that the issue was fixed and will not happen again. Imagine if a company you started got hacked and your customers were affected. What would you do? Lime Crime sent letters to its customers so they could call their credit card companies. Then they had to eat dirt as they read their customer’s reactions online. Then they hired someone to resecure their site to protect their customers and write a letter of appology.(Even Doe Deere knows you can’t live unapologetically on issues like this.) Operate on trust that they have fixed this issue.
On a final note, Lime Crime is about living boldly and colorfully. Just browsing on their website or blog will truely give you a feeling of pure feminine magic.