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06 February

US Spending On Legal Marijuana Outpaces Spending On Snack Food!

Some may think that $4.9 Billion spent by consumers in the United States on snack foods, such as Cheetos and Doritos, may be excessive. However, consumers in the United States spent over $5.1 Billion on legalized marijuana used for medical research, treatment as well as recreational use. Legal use of marijuana has only been adopted in a few cities and states in the United States in the past few years. It is widely believed by Jon Urbana that this number may be a conservative amount. As the use of marijuana becomes legal in more jurisdictions throughout the United States, the issue of its use for recreational purposes has become less controversial and more pragmatic. U.S. SPENDS MORE ON LEGAL MARIJUANA THAN SNACK FOODS

The debate regarding the merits and morality of legal marijuana use aside, the fact remains that $5 Billion spent on a substance that is only legal in less than one percent of the country requires many to question the expenditure priorities of the U.S. consumer. $5 Billion would fund a NASA space probe to the planet Pluto or the Mars Rover program.

As the medical applications of marijuana are explored in more detail, many believe that the number of jurisdictions in the United States that will legalize its use is expected to increase. This will mean that the current expenditure amount of $5.1 Billion may be easily doubled or even tripled in the upcoming year or two.

05 February

Taking Preventative Measures In The Town Of Xerém

Recently in the town of Xerém in the country of Brazil, there was a very bad flood. Sergio Cortes is the secretary of health in Brazil, and he went out to Xerém in order to take a survey of the areas that were most affected by the flood. The government is doing much in order to ensure the health of the citizens of Xerém; they are providing the affected individuals with shelters and also dehydration centers. The dehydration centers are for those individuals that may have been victims of Dengue.

The Secretary of State is very worried about Dengue, and it is mainly because the conditions that come after a flood can be very inviting to Dengue carrying mosquitoes. One of the big issues in the area is accumulated garbage. There is much garbage that has not been able to be disposed of in the city of Xerém. Since that is the case, there is an increasing possibility that there will be a spread of the Dengue mosquito. Cortes expressed his concerns with the Municipal Health Secretary and the Coordinator of the National Health Force for Mendosa. They all agreed that they need to take certain measures in order to safeguard the health of the citizens of the Xerém.

They also decided that they were going to give out disaster kits. These disaster kits will have items with in them that can be used by those individuals that are victims of the disaster. Apart from the disaster kits, the town will also be receiving 3000 tablets of antibiotic. The State Health department is setting up surveillance teams as well to stop the spread of diseases that are carried in contaminated water. One of such diseases is called leptospirosis. Apart from leptospirosis, issues with diarrhea and hepatitis A are also a worry for the Health Department.

In a recent article published by Extra, Cortes mentioned that it is important for individuals to be able to have access to clean bottled water. Cortes is encouraging people that are interested in sending aid to those in Xerém to send is bottled water. Cortes is also forming teams of volunteers that are going to travel to different shelters in order to identify individuals that may show early signs of a contagious disease. In that way those individuals can be treated and they can be quarantined before the disease can spread to others.

04 February

Why Is Brad Reifler’s Income Trust At Forefront Capital Important?

The investment banking world is a place where people with high salaries and high net worths make money using their existing money. MarketWired explains that Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital to help qualified investors making over $250,000 spend their money wisely, but he has taken a turn that is characterized by the creation of the income trust. This article explains what the income trust is, why it is important to investors and how it can change the way people are spending their money.

#1: The Regular American Investor Has Few Options

The regular American investor has few options as Brad Reifler outlines in his 5 tips for investing, and these options are often reduced to retirement accounts that offer very little yield. Brad does not like the way average Americans are asked to invest their money, and he has created a program that will allow Americans to spend as little as they like to invest in a large hedge fund. The income trust is open to anyone at any time.

#2: Customer Service Changes

Customer service at Forefront Capital is an important part of the investor experience, and Brad has trained his staff to help average Americans who will need customer service for their new accounts. The income trust caters to Americans who have very little knowledge of investing, and Brad wants everyone who spends money with his fund to feel comfortable. The focus on customer service helps the small investor spend their money wisely, and everyone who answers the phone at Forefront Capital is prepared to educate their client on the basics of the fund.

#3: How Large Will The Income Trust Be? is a great indicator that Brad is growing the income trust every day, and he hopes it will be one of many funds that is built using money from average people. Brad wants to give his clients options that go far beyond the traditional retirement account, and he wants everyone with an account to feel as though they are making real money on their accounts every day. The income trust could be so large that Brad may need to start another one, and he is willing to do what it takes to make investing simple for average Americans.

Brad Reifler has has a change of heart at Forefront Capital that will help the regular American investor. There is another option outside of investing in IRAs, and Brad wants to be that solution. The income trust will change the way small investors spend their money on the markets.  More about Brad Reifler can be sought on the Forefront Group website.

04 February

How Autism Rocks Came To Be

Many rich people of the world donate their money to organizations but do not have a concrete strategy on how to donate and have a worthy cause that helps the society achieve a particular thing. The same also used to be the case with Sanjay Shah. Before his son was diagnosed with autism, he used to send his money to India to help children through Plan International. However, with his kid having a condition, he started thinking about how he could help other kids around the world get help with autism. That is how Autism Rocks was born.

Being a music lover from way back, he thought and saw that it is only by doing concerts that he would be able to raise money to help in autism research. Autism Rocks has held several concerts since 2014 most of which have been successful. However, Sanjay thinks that it can achieve much better if it becomes a global movement where people from different parts of the world would feel free to attend concerts so as to support its mission.

Because most of the concerts it has held have been in London, it plans to in the future expand to countries like America and Dubai. Sanjay also hopes that in the future, they will be able to do a collection album with artists donating songs in it.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital Markets, a hedge fund that has been very successful in its operations. He started it in 2008 after being affected by the financial crisis of 2008 hence losing his job as a bank accountant. Five years down the line, the firm has been able to open offices in Dubai and London and provide employment for hundreds of people. It has also helped him have a net worth of more than $240 million.

Sanjay did not start his career in the financial world. In college, he went to study medicine and when he completed, he felt that it was not his thing and that is when he became an accountant. He is a risk taker precisely the reason he has been able to become successful in life.

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02 February

Things About Wikipedia You Should Know

There are several different things about Wikipedia that most people aren’t exactly aware of. One of them being the fact that Wikipedia does not at all actually monetize what they do, and that there was a time when the owners of the site actually had big plans on making the site a place for ads to be shown for them or make some good money. What’s most interesting is the fact that Wikipedia has thousands of writers, and almost all of them rely strictly on donations from the viewers of Wikipedia alone. 

What most people don’t know about Wikipedia is that when the owner planned on monetizing the site, the owner was not paying anybody to provide content on the site. In fact, he relied heavily on volunteers alone, and so when he planned on adding in some ads, they all quit because they knew they was no contract stating they would receive compensation. The owner decided to go against having a professional set of ads to make him money. Some people wonder, however, if they did decide to monetize the site if he here would still be a good amount of rein titters who would have ended up contributing to the site over the years. Another myth is that the site makes zero money, and while most writer don’t earn a dime until they receive a donation, Googles a makes big profits form Wikipedia’s strategies.

Wikipedia is the best place to be simply because of the great opportunities on use site that can open up if you are looking for a way to go grow your brand effectively. Wikipedia is home to millions of free articles, and you can make a Wikipedia page today as well if you need to. Get Your Wiki is an online Wikipedia writing service that is offered to people and businesses to get your very own page setup within days. Their Wikipedia business page creation services are guaranteed to be approved by the writing and editing staff of the Wikipedia website.

Get Your Wiki is the best place to be simply because you have the opportunity to grow as a business via their talented team of Wikipedia writers for hire. Wikipedia is a very well respected website that truly knows how and what to offer people, and this writing company can get your own page made fast. Just provide them with everything they need to fact check your article, and they will get right on it. Their guarantee basically means they will write the article for you until it gets approved by Wikipedia.

01 February

Hedge Fund Manager George Soros Thinks The Chinese Financial Mayhem Will Impact International Markets This Year

George Soros has been investing in international markets for decades. He has one of the best track records in the investment industry. Soros is a billionaire that shares his wealth. Mr. Soros has several foundations around the globe that help people that don’t have the necessities of life. Soros is also an outspoken economic maven that has his pulse on the global market, and that pulse is telling him that there’s trouble ahead for stock market investors as well as for the global economy.

Soros recently sat down with and discussed the world’s economic outlook and several other issues. He believes the Chinese financial mess will trickle down to other economies, and will trigger a financial crisis similar to the 2008 meltdown. Soros prediction is not being taken lightly. Many investors are pulling out of the stock market and investing in other securities. Mr. Soros said it’s not a question of if there is going to be a major financial meltdown around the world, but when.

The Chinese central bank has cut the yuan to dollar ratio in order to make their exports more attractive. The yuan to dollar exchange rate is lower than it has been in five years. Stock markets around the world are feeling the effects of China’s attempt to keep competitive, but according to Soros, the Chinese have an uphill battle when it comes to fixing their economy.

China has been experiencing a manufacturing slowdown for months, due to rising labor and material costs. The days of making products that are cheaper than dirt are gone for the Communist nation. Other Asian countries like Vietnam and Cambodia are building manufacturing sectors that beat the Chinese at their own game, and Soros says China is too deep in the capitalistic hole to change. The government of China has no choice but to switch their economic base to a consumer-driven economy, but that comes with a gigantic price tag and years of internal maneuvering.

Soros was also interviewed by after an economic meeting in Sri Lanka, and the 85-year-old hedge-fund genius said there are other factors that are contributing to a potential financial meltdown in 2016. The Ukraine situation is one, and the migration crisis is another. Soros mentioned Britain’s attempt to leave the European as another factor. If the European Union collapses, that event will trigger a wave of uncertainty in the financial markets around the world.

Soros is a pragmatist that sees the world the way it is. He understands what makes economies grow and what hinders that growth. The chances that 2016 will be the year of a world recession are greater than some economist predict, and that doesn’t help solve some of the issues that could trigger that meltdown.

29 January

Why Does OrganoGold Market Its Organic Growing Process?

Organic food and drink is the newest obsession in the health food world, but organic growing has become a global phenomenon. Anyone who plans to live a healthy lifestyle must choose to use organic products, and there are entire markets dedicated to the organic industry. A member of the organic growing industry is OrganoGold, but OrganoGold has been around for many decades. Bernardo Chua is leading the company into the future, and this article explains how Bernardo plays up organic growing practices to benefit his company.

#1: Organic Products Have Better Flavor

Organic products tend to taste more authentic, and OrganoGold has been growing organic coffee beans and tea leaves for quite some time. Their business is based on organic growing, and Bernardo Chua honors organic growing in his position as CEO. Bernardo is constantly touting the organic properties of his brand over others, and he has made inroads around the world with his organic message. Everyone who is attracted to organics must take OrganoGold seriously once they try the products for the first time.

#2: An Organic Energy Drink From OrganoGold

There is a new energy drink from OrganoGold that will take the world by storm because it is organic like everything else from OrganoGold. Energy drinks are extremely popular in the busiest industrial countries in the world, and OrganoGold will cut into the market with a product that appeals to people who enjoy health foods. Just one organic energy drink is enough to change the minds of people who have used other drinks in the past.

#3: Private Selling Helps Everyone

Bernardo Chua opens his company up to anyone who wants to sell OrganoGold products. Private sellers may sell OrganoGold products to their customers at any time, and all private sellers keep the profits from their sales. OrganoGold is spreading across the world with help from private sellers, and Bernardo fully-endorses every private seller. The company has quite a large marketshare, and their share continues to grow as more people convert to OrganoGold.

Organic drinks are very important to people who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, and OrganoGold has been the only choice in organic drinks for many years. Wikipedia shows that Bernardo Chua is flooding the western world with a new energy drink that will take the place of older energy products, and the original teas and coffees from OrganoGold will help people drink their morning cup with more confidence.  Bernie’s commitment to healthy beverages is unlike anything that we’ve ever really seen before. Make sure to give him a follow on Twitter to see what they’re up to next.

29 January

Autism Rocks Has Helped Many Individuals With Autism

Autism Rocks is an organization that was made with the purpose of understanding more about Autism. Autism is a developmental disability and it is generally paired with a lack of development when it comes to social relationships and skills with communication. Individuals can suffer from different spectrums of autism and generally they have a lifetime need for special support.

Individuals that have this developmental delay struggle to make sense of the world. Generally Autism can come along with much emotional and physical direst. It is difficult for individuals that suffer from autism to understand social relationships and everyday life. Quite often individuals that have Autism feel like they are isolated and alone. It is difficult for them to fully understand the complications of their diagnosis.

Autism Rocks is a fund that was made by Sanjay Shah. Sanjay Shah is a well know British philanthropist and his son was done diagnosed with Autism. Sanjay Shah wanted to truly understand this developmental issue, and he wanted more research to be done to understand how the mind of an autistic individual works. Sanjay Shah was drinking tea with Snoop Dogg one day and he had an epiphany. Sanjay Shah loves music and he loves his son; he decided that he was going to try to combine his two passions. In 2014 he launched an invite only performance in London featuring Prince. Later on he held other private shows with celebrities such as Michael Bublé, Drake, and Lenny Kravitz.

Sanjay Shah decided that he was going to continue on with his efforts to raise awareness and funding for the investigation of Autism. Sanjay Shah has been able to hold many different concerts, and all the money that is raised from these concerts goes to the Autism research trust. Autism Rocks is a fund that researches Autism. This research is being done at Cambridge University in order to understand the causes and the effects of Autism. The Autism Rocks Solo Capital has been able to fund many long-term research projects, and they are able to develop interventions to support and aid individuals that are diagnosed with autism throughout their entire lives.

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25 January

Soros says European Union on Verge of Collapse

Billionaire financier George Soros says that he believes German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she says the European Union is on the verge of collapsing because of the Middle East immigrants. Of particular concern are those immigrants from Syria. Soros says, however, that the situation is not irreversible if action is taken quickly, according to an article published on CNBC.
George Soros says that he thinks Time Magazine was justified in declaring Angela Merkel the chanelor of the free world, but that her leadership style changed. Therefore, according to Soros, in an interview with Gregor Peter Schmitz of the German magazine WirtschaftsWoch and published on The New York Review of Books, people got nervous. He says that the Syrian immigrates are not the only problem. He also cites the problems in Greece, Russia, Ukraine, the coming British referendum, and the terrorist attacks on Paris all add to the possibility that the European Union will collapse.
Soros who is a survivor of the Holocaust says that he believes Merkel’s change in leadership is a result of growing up as a pastor’s daughter in communist East Germany. He maintains that if Merkel had shown this style of leadership earlier, the European banking crisis would have never occurred. He points to his own history where his father sought and obtained illegal immigration papers to gain a new life for his family.
He admits, however, that if she had changed her leadership style then, she would not have remained popular with the German people who have allowed her to remain as chancellor for more than a decade.
People have been taught that the European Union is an open society, but Soros maintains that is not true. He says that the union is a society of debtors and creditors with the debtors cannot meet their obligations. He says that this is the primary cause that the European Union will collapse if drastic measures are not taken.
Soros maintains that the current immigration policy of each country has only that country’s best interest at heart. He says that a comprehensive plan, such as his proposed six-point plan, must be adopted so that the European Union acts cohesively. He claims that his plan would let people immigrate to the European Union but only at a rate that the European Union is equipped to absorb those people. He says that a plan needs to be created so that the costs of this immigration is shared by all members of the union.

21 January

How SanJay Funds Autism Research

In an effort to treat his son’s autism, Sanjay Shah has looked to different meanas in order to come up with the funds. He has funded Autism Rocks which is dedicated to finding the cause and effective treatment of different cases of autism so that he could not only treat his child, but other children as well. The only issue he had was in finding a way to fund it. He came across the solution when he met with Snoop Dogg. This gave him the idea to run charity shows. In running different charities, he has met with a lot of interesting artists.

He has met with Prince whom he describes as “an enigma”. Prince can be quiet on one hand. On the other hand, he can be quite demanding of certain things. Fortunately, he has plenty of good things to say about the artists that he has ran into. A lot of the artists were down to earth, even if they were a bit weird. Sanjay does have a lot of funny stories of his artists. For instance, he does recall the day that Lenny Kravitz has sunbathed without cream. He had a bright red tone to him when he entered the stage.

Sanjay describes his autistic child as having struggles in the following areas, speech and focus. He has never spoken a word yet at age two. He also struggles when it comes to keeping his focus on a task for more than just a few minutes. When finding out that his child had autism, Sanjay’s first reaction is to find a way to fix the problem. As he knows, there is no quick way to cure autism. However, with research being done on the condition, there will likely be a solution somewhere down the line.

One thing that Sanjay has an easy time doing is donating. He finds this easy because he has worked with different banks. He is also the CEO of Solo Capital which gives him plenty of room to make large donations to autism research in the hopes of finding an effective treatment someday.

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