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25 September

Rocketship Education Taught Their Students The Value Of Gratitude And The Concept Spread

Rocketship Education believes in gratitude, and positive culture. The school teaches the importance of being persistent, being responsible, showing respect, and the importance of empathy. They want their students to not simply meet, but exceed expectations. They believe this can be accomplished with character skills necessary for the low-income students that fill their halls. These students are under above average stress, and must learn the skills of managing emotions, responding positively when provoked, and resolving conflicts. Rocketship Education provides their students with the skills they require to be productive in the classroom, and successful in their futures.

Rocketship Education uses the Kimochis curriculum in the younger grades. This involves the student’s personalities and temperaments, allowing them to use the skills necessary to handle difficult situations, and make responsible decisions. This way each student is confronted with their strengths, and areas of development. A mood journal is used for this purpose for the older students. The fifth grade was give gratitude as their core value to increase their strength, and build stronger relationships with their teachers, and the other students. Gratitude began as a mere word, but soon filled the air within the school.

The team for Positive Behavioral Interventions came up with the idea of Gratitude Grams. This allowed the students to express their emotions, show appreciation and thanks, and give kindness to the other students. For one week, each student received a colored slip of paper with the name of a student, and their mission was to spread gratitude. They thanked another student for something specific they had accomplished, and showed their appreciation. At the end of the week each student was given their own name, so they could read what others appreciated about them. Gratitude at Rocketship Education was plentiful, and the students learned gratitude is a conscious choice. They learned to give freely, show kindness, share their smiles, and open their hearts. They learned the difference these choices can make in their lives, and that kindness never grows old, or becomes tiresome. Rocketship Education taught their students that energizing the spirt brings gratitude, and this made an amazing difference in their lives.

23 September

Oncotarget Currently covers diverse fields

Oncotarget is an online medical journal in which all forms of research papers covering all areas of oncology are handled. Peer-review of the journal is done after every week. The Oncotarget is a medical journal that was launched in 2010. Oncotarget afterward was published by the Impact journals. Oncotarget is usually edited strictly by the two chief editors. The subjects or fields handled in the Oncotarget are diverse and especially those dealing with biomedical aspects.

Oncotarget receives new volumes of material every week. This material received and accepted can be the pretend if particularly demanded. Through Oncotarget, different fields in biomedical technology are intimately merged, and eventually, the big difference or margin within the different area is reduced. Moreover, Oncotarget other main aim is to avail all possible scientific researchers readily and rapidly. By doing this, Oncotarget, therefore, has facilitated and enhances the scientific researches and even more the discovery made is at high speed dispersed.

Oncotarget leadership is composed of experts on These highly trained experts work to ensure that scientist are advancing in doing their researches in their fields of specialization. A life free of diseases is the major target by the Oncotarget. Real alt-metric outcomes that are offered free enable articles to be easily tracked down. Ease of tracking has been developed in both the digital media and the traditional media. Fields even beyond the oncology are also received and edited by oncology. Among these areas are cardiology, endocrinology, immunology, pharmacology, neuropathology cell together with mol biology. Oncotarget also has many publication ethics including cardiology, immunology, cell and mol biology and neuropathology and oncotarget on Facebook.

Regardless of the much diversity in the presenter, Oncotarget editors review the information presented and gauge it with no basis on these differences. In their evaluation, nothing regarding the race, religion, gender or citizenship factor in. Also, issues regarding agencies or even politics are taken into consideration during judgment placed on the researches presented as to whether appear in the The manuscripts’ information is only available to the reviewers and not to any other person and learn more about Oncotarget.

Restrictions have been placed, and the editors are not permitted to use any unprocessed information for any reason or personal benefit. Reviews are done as peer-review in Oncotarget. This is because in peer-review enables the drawing of conclusions made from the comment made by the authors and more information click here.

18 September

A Review Of How Greg Secker Ventured Into The Online Trading Business

Greg Secker is a prominent entrepreneur who became a millionaire in his twenties owing to his outstanding trading skills. The founder of Learn to Trade, Capital Index and SmartCharts Software has a deep passion for helping others to succeed in their enterprises. Greg has achieved impressive success in the trading world. Speaking to CEOCFO, Secker said that he believes in giving every opportunity a try and testing its feasibility. This strategy has helped his career to soar to greater heights. After graduating from the university, he ventured into the online trading platform. Greg had an excellent computer programming. This way, it was easy for him to venture into the business. His experience in this field secured him a position at Virtual Trading Desk, the first online currency trading company. At the company, Greg converted traders’ strategies into codes.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker worked for Thomas Cook Financial Services before securing a high-ranking position at Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). VTD offered customers an innovative platform to receive real-time quotes on forex trade. Later, he went on to work as the vice president for Mellon Financial Corporation. In this corporation, Greg Secker interacted with some of the leading traders in the country. After making a decent income, he retired. He went on to establish his own trading company, Learn to Trade. Learn to Trade offers trains forex lessons to different people across the world through workshops and seminars. His success with the company has seen him receive several awards.

The revered businessman is also an international speaker. He has been featured on leading market channels like Bloomberg and CNBC. He has also shared a platform with renowned personalities such as Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, and Robert Kiyosaki. Greg Secker has always donated part of his wealth in support of different community initiatives. Some of these philanthropic causes include the Royal Princess Charities. He established the Greg Secker Foundation with the objective of changing the lives of the needy people around the world. The foundation runs various programs that support education, life skills and leadership initiatives. The most recent activity of the Greg Secker Foundation is the support that they gave to typhoons and cyclones victims in Philippines. The foundation helped the victims to rebuild their homes.


15 September

Chris Villanueva is Helping Practitioners Without Any String Attached

According to EPodcastNetwork, Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental. He’s an active practitioner, and his vision is to promote the best of the best from the corporate dentistry and sole-practitioner sections of the industry. After spending time on both provider-business equation sides, Dr. Villanueva launched his business with a direct understanding of what it took furnishing essential support without jeopardizing his beloved profession integrity.

Realizing that dental practitioners were in need of specialized assistance that came without any strings attached, he established MB2 Dental. From that day, the MB2 has supported practitioners at more than 70 affiliated regions across six states. The firm has 33 employees, plus its close-knit leadership is looking forward to maintaining the trend of perfection.

Villanueva built MB2 to be a firm that’s dentist-owned focusing on personal growth, support, autonomy, as well as having fun together. The firm assists practices in making improvements benefiting the patients patronizing them. These innovations are promoting improved operating standards leading to practitioners that are happier and which facilitate the growth of a healthy organic business. MB2 is a young company that is technologically-advanced capable of providing speed-to-market.

In his interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Villanueva recommends people to give themselves time for self-reflection. He has the idea that a vacation is supposed to be vacating people regular day-to-day, not doing something soft and lazy such as just sitting and relaxing on a beach. For him doing this makes him appreciate the simplicity of his day-to-day life when he returns.

Villanueva recommends people to read the book written by Simon Sinek, entitled Start with Why. He said that in their company, it’s essential to have everybody on the same page concerning why they are doing what they are doing. Because the role of everyone is different (from their IT department to billing specialists, to doctors) keeping every person centered around their core values, of making the experience of the patient better, plus empowering their doctors in providing the best patient care that they could, gives meaning to everything they are doing behind the scenes.

He regards the book by Sinek as an afternoon read, which is going to fly by with today’s model of businesses that have created their success around the concept of “why” they are doing what they are doing. It may apply to all the business in all the industries and has helped Dr. Villanueva to set their company’s vision.

08 September

Lime Crime Cosmetics Has Some Scandals In Store

Lime Crime Cosmetics was founded by beauty innovator Doe Deere. As the CEO of the unique beauty products, Deere took advantage of the Instagram market. Celebrity makeup artists are consistently posting pictures of themselves using the Lime Crime products. There are thousands of video tutorials seen on YouTube. Doe Deere has her hand in all aspects of the Lime Crime business. In her spare time, she speaks at conventions encouraging other young women to become entrepreneurs of their own. Lime Crime’s mission is to create makeup that will allow you to express your own unique individuality and style. There are items that can be worn for day-to-day to special occasions.

What sets Doe apart from the rest are the innovative ingredients and colors of her products. She came up with the idea for Lime Crime when she was trying to find cosmetics for Halloween to match her eccentric costume. In 2009, Unicorn Lipsticks were born and came in a wide range of vibrant colors in a glittery package.

In 2012, her most popular line of lipsticks was developed called “Velvetines.” Velvetines quickly became all the rage and changed the game when it came to liquid lipsticks. For best results exfoliate your lips before applying. After applying a lip moisturizer, wait 10 minutes before applying your Velvetine signature color. Velvetine lipsticks take a little time to dry completely for a long lasting look. If you love a bold look, then the blood red “Wicked” lip stain is just for you. It goes on liquid and dries completely matte. These Velvetine lipsticks are so high quality and durable, you won’t have to reapply several times throughout the day.

The Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Iridescent Liquid Lip Topper is a brand new line created by Doe. It is a water based formula that can be applied to eyes, lips and cheeks. You apply it on top of your makeup giving you a lightweight look loaded with stardust. They won’t smudge, feel dry or run throughout the day. Diamond crushers also look amazing on bare lips or as a highlighter for your cheeks. All Lime Crime products are cruelty-free and true to color.

08 September

Talk Fusion Lands Industry Award

Talk Fusion is one of the premier and prominent video marketing and communication solution companies on the internet today. They were established in early 2007 by founder and current CEO, Bob Reina. Reina created the company because he knew, before anybody else, how powerful video was going to be in regards to communication and promotion in the years to come. Because of this forward thinking train of thought, Reina got in before the rest of the industry and solidified himself as a true entrepreneur. Now, in 2016, Talk Fusion had one of their best years of all time thanks to a prestigious award being handed to them.


Talk Fusion has made their mark on the industry due largely to their marketing suite which is filled with video powered tools that help customers put their best foot forward in the age of the internet with the power of digital media. The most recent product to hit the shelves to critical acclaim is the Video Chat application. The Video Chat application was developed by Talk Fusion in order to bring customers and clients into a face to face conversation utilizing the power of WebRTC technology. Video Chat instantly was a hit with people who needed a cross-platform solution to their video messaging needs. Learn more:


The company Technology Marketing Corporation has made a big deal out of presenting the top video communication companies with their coveted awards year in and year out. This year we saw CEO Rich Tehrani laud Talk Fusion and award them with the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award for their work on the Video Chat application. The Video Chat application received this high mark because it pushed the envelope in the realm of video communication by creating a smooth, efficient, affordable and easy to use piece of technology into the hands of customers who needed it.


Bob Reina seized on the award as a chance to give praise to his team of Talk Fusion associates as well as his team of IT developers. Reina took the opportunity to also hint that Talk Fusion has plenty to come in the future.


05 September

Honey Birdette Launches New E-Commerce Site for US Customers

Shoppers from the U.S who love sensual lingerie can now look forward to better services, wider variety and reduced costs following the recent launch by Honey Birdette of a new, dedicated e-commerce platform for their American customers. Honey Birdette is Australia’s first sensual boutique and among the fastest growing on the continent as well as in Europe. The company has been making significant inroads to penetrate the American market and it is expected that the recent launch will compliment their previous efforts and lead to even bigger expansion by the company. And the figures leading up to the launch have been very encouraging for the company with online sales in the US having shown an increase of 374% within just the last 12 months alone.
Speaking during the launch, Honey Birdette founder Eloise Monaghan said that the main idea behind it is to improve the experience of the users when they interact with the online shopping store. Other benefits for US customers will include faster deliveries at reduced shipping costs. In fact the company is offering free shipping for customers who buy products costing more than $50. All UK and Australian customers already enjoy free shipping for products purchased through the old platform and there are indications that American shoppers may also be able to enjoy the same sometime down the line.
Honey Birdette is backed by BBRC, a private investment company and was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan in Brisbane. Within less than a decade, the company has grown and expanded and now has three retail stores in different parts of the UK. As a mark of its steady growth, Honey Birdette also announced that they are planning to increase their retail portfolio in the UK from three retail stores to forty of them before the end of the year 2018.

Find more about Honey Birdette on Instagram @honeybirdette.

04 September

OneLogin Helps Envoy Deploy SCIM

Envoy is a Silicon Valley based technology company, that creates software which allows visitors to sign in using a tablet such as iPads. Envoy automates all steps of the visitor registration page including digital NDA, visitor badges, host notifications and visitor sign in. Envoy aims to eliminate the outdated and insecure logbooks of the past. Many fast growing and tech-forward companies have adopted Envoy’s software in their company premises. Many of Envoy’s customers chose it because managing employees’ movement across a company is tedious for IT admins. Admins have to update user access for individual employees across multiple applications every time an employee moves to another division in the company.

Envoy is using a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) system that it developed together with OneLogin. The SCIM system developed by OneLogin allows Envoy’s Premium and Enterprise customers to use automated user onboarding and offboarding. SCIM aware applications can synchronize user attributes into any application allowing companies to rollout applications faster. The collaboration between Envoy and OneLogin allows Envoy’s customers to automatically provision their Envoy application using their OneLogin directory. All user access rights are automatically synchronized and user profiles are updated across applications the moment a user’s rights are modified.

OneLogin is a cloud based company that provides organizations and businesses with IAM (identity and access management). OneLogin provides its customers with Single Sign-On, Cloud RADIUS, Virtual LDAP, Web Access Management, Desktop Authentication, Mobile Identity Management, Adaptive Authentication, Multifactor Authentication and User Provisioning. OneLogin provides software developers with an Open Source toolkit that allows app vendors and Software As A Service vendors to secure their applications using OneLogin.

 OneLogin integrates with various cloud applications such RemedyForce, Namely and Workplace by Facebook. Many public organizations and companies use OneLogin as their main service for managing user identities across multiple offices and countries. These companies are in all industries including healthcare, education, technology, retail, manufacturing and financial services. Some of OneLogin’s customers include Berwin Leighton Paisner, Berklee College of Music, Fairfax Media, Dell Serivces, Steelcase, Pinterest, San Jose School District, Acuris, and Practice Fusion. OneLogin’s API can integrate with all major languages including Java, PHP, Python and Ruby.


Learn more about OneLogin:

03 September

USHEALTH Group Leads the American Health Insurance Industry under CEO Troy McGuagge

USHEALTH Group is a Texas-based health insurance solutions company. The group offers affordable, quality and flexible Accident & Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Specific Sickness or Disease Coverage, Dental and Vision Covers and Income Protector Plans. This company is unique for its unwavering commitment to surpassing the needs and wants of their individual clients. At USHEALTH, there’s a special tailor-made solution for every person regardless of their financial background. The insurance scheme provided by USHEALTH touches the lives of over 15 million people spread out all across North and South America.


Why USHEALTH is Unique?


A majority of the insurance companies tends to inflate the premiums on the available plans. Again, most companies fail to come up with flexible plans and solutions to accommodate people across the income bracket spectrum. Those factors end up discouraging lower-income individuals from even approaching insurance companies. That isn’t the case with USHEALTH, however. This company functions on three important pillar stones. These are reliability, flexibility, and affordability. No wonder this brand has carved itself a successful niche characterized by countless returning customers.


Awards Scooped by USHEALTH


The insurance group operates on two fundamental maxims. These truths are anchored on treating every client as a unique person and, two, having flexible, tailor-made solutions to suit different clients. For its outstanding accomplishments in the medical insurance realm, USHEALTH has received several coveted awards. In 2013, this company appeared on the list of the top 50 US companies with the best call centers. With the group, customers are always assured of receiving their insurance claims on time. It is one of the few health insurance firms that has consistently maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Meet the CEO, Troy McGuagge


The health insurance solutions provider was also the recipient of the 11th Annual Stevie Sales and Customer Services Awards. The company’s CEO is a seasoned health management professional called Troy McGuagge. USHEALTH Group has witnessed incredible transformation under the tenure of CEO Troy. He’s expanded the scope of services and products provided to the 15 million insurance customers. He’s also built a robust corporate social responsibility program and culture in his employees and affiliates. Visit the insurance group’s official websites and learn how you too can become part of the success story of USHEALTH Group as a trained and certified insurance agent.

03 September

Cardiology in and Around New York City as Explained by Edward Honig

Cardiologists are physicians who specialize in caring for the heart. Whether a patient has a condition that is heart related or just wants a cardiac checkup, going to a cardiologist on a regular basis is a smart health decision.

Cardiologists will treat diseases that affect the heart such as congenital heart conditions that people are born with. Many people may not even realize they have them until symptoms send them to doctor or an emergency room. Cardiologists like Dr. Edward Honig do various tests to determine if congenital heart defects exists or other heart problems are detectable. If problems are discovered, early intervention and treatment will keep patients, in most cases, healthy longer with fewer cardiac episodes, if any.

Dr. Edward Honig, whose office is in Glen Cove, Long Island, is very conveniently located to New York City. It’s a 30 minute car ride from the major airports and a little further from midtown. The Long Island Rail Road also has a Glen Cove station making it easy to get to from New York City’s Penn Station or John F. Kennedy Airport.

Cardiologists treat problems with the heart muscle itself referred to a cardiomyopathies. Sometimes, the heart muscle itself is weakened at birth or due to a myocardial infarction, or heart attack. Dr. Honig administers tests in his office in Glen Cove or at Glen Cove Hospital to determine presence of, or causes of, cardiac dysfunction.

Cardiologists like Dr. Honig also treat problems within the elaborate electrical system that is part of the heart’s function. There are several types of illnesses where the electrical impulses are innately incorrectly programmed and can be corrected with simple procedures. A graduate of Duke University School of Medicine, Dr. Honig specializes in all forms of cardiac care. Hypertension is a very common disease and its symptoms are often non existent. Dr. Honig emphasizes this is another good reason for regular cardiac checkups. Medical management of high blood pressure is essential.

Dr. Honig is also very receptive to patients who have other conditions in addition to their cardiac problems. He carefully works with patients’ other physicians to help manage other co morbid issues such as diabetes, weight control, autoimmune problems and kidney disease.

Dr. Honig is a favorite among his patients and colleagues alike. He is personable, upbeat, friendly, kind and optimistic. His patients adore him and his colleagues like and respect him and his work.

Prevention and early detection are important parts of cardiac care, according to cardiologists like Dr. Honig. Annual examinations, especially is their is a family history of heart problems, is extremely important. Cardiac problems can be managed with simple one time procedures in many cases. Some cardiac issues can be medically managed with medication alone. Exercise regimens can help many patients as well, says Dr. Honig.

With proper care, even patients with cardiac problems can lead normal and long healthy lives.


Find out more about Edward Honig: