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22 August

Entrepreneur Marc Sparks And His Spark Tank Programs Aid Individuals And Organization In Need

Since graduating from high school in Austin, Texas 41 years ago, Marc Sparks has been a serial entrepreneur. He has played a seminal role in dozens of start-ups. Many of them have been wildly successful and have made Sparks a wealthy man. But his 40+ years as an entrepreneurs have also included many failures and taught Sparks important lessons about building a business.

Now Marc Sparks is using his money, experiences and resources to help others. He has created Spark Tank, a program through which he gives $5,000 apiece and other types of support to several non-profit organizations each year to help them serve the needy in Texas.
According to Crunchbase, Marck Sparks knows what it feels like to have to overcome adversity. He was a C student many thought would not amount to much. Instead he bowed his back, worked hard, was creative and driven and has become a successful, well-respected businessman.

Now through Spark Tank he is providing the funding and other resources Texas based non-profit organizations need to help people and animals facing difficult challenges. Through Spark Tank Mark Sparks is helping other entrepreneurs to improve the quality of life for people in Texas that are having a hard time finding their way.

According to Sparks it’s only through the grace of God he was able to overcome his challenges and scars to use his keen instincts to start businesses that generated millions of dollars. Now he wants to help others improve their lives. Several times a year organizations are encouraged to apply for Spark Tank grants.

Marc Sparks and his team study the applications and provide money and support to the ones selected. The Spark Tank grants and support enable the chosen companies to serve more people and be more effective. It is one of the ways Sparks has found to give back to his community.

Using faith, focus, passion, a savvy for monetization, a sense of urgency and tenacity Sparks has built numerous companies at Spark Speed. Another secret to his success has been to treat people fairly and with honesty and respect. Through Spark Tank, his book ‘They Can’t Eat You‘, and his other philanthropic activities entrepreneur Marc Sparks is achieving another of his goals. He said he’s not driven by the need to make millions. He simply wants to be a blessing to others.

With Spark Tank and his other business and charitable activities he has done just that. He has created thousands of happy employees and customers. He has helped struggling entrepreneurs bring their vision to reality and give hope to suffering people. Sparks explained that what he’s giving isn’t a handout. It’s a hand up to help people that are trying to help themselves and others.

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19 August

Nutrimost Suing Rival

Nutrimost has built a great reputation recently in the weight loss community. Of course, whenever a company has success, other companies will do anything they can to emulate the company to get a piece of that pie for themselves. There is a point, though, where that kind of activity can become criminal. Taking someone’s idea and putting your own spin on it is one thing. Straight up stealing intellectual property from them is an entirely different can of worms.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

Stealing intellectual property is exactly what Nutrimost claims that the Pennsylvania weight loss company, Healthy Living, is doing to them. They say that the other company stole a video directly off their website that was being used for promotional purposes and put it up on their own site to help grow their own company.

Those that watch the two videos will see a striking similarity between the two. In fact, it seems that the Healthy Living video is an exact replica of the Nutrimost video except for a few minor changes. It seems to be a weak and thinly-veiled effort to pass off the video as their own. The customer testimonials and doctor testimonials on the website are even the same. Nutrimost seems to be able to have a very solid claim when it comes to the two videos.

This fact led them to have their legal team send a cease and desist letter to Healthy Living to get them to take the video down. Healthy Living responded with little effort. They simply uploaded a minorly edited version of their video to try and quell the concerns of Nutrimost.

This led Nutrimost to take the matter to court. They are suing the other company for $300,000 in damages. This will cover money they say that lost in business. It will also cover the diminished reputation they say it caused.

15 August

Advertising Network Guru Adam Goldenberg

At the age of 15, Adam Goldenberg created his first advertising network. The network, named Gamers Alliance, was a niche network that featured only gaming sites. In 1999, as a young entrepreneur, Adam joined Intermix Media, which some may know as the parent company to MySpace. Even before graduating high school, Adam Goldenberg had already sold Gamers Alliance.

Incredibly, his first entrepreneurial endeavor had been funded from his Bar Mitzvah money on His first venture had been in creating an online bulletin board service but then, once he had reached the ripe old age of 15, he had decided to turn it into the Gamers Alliance gaming website.

Gamers Alliance was acquired by Brett Brewer, who was the founder and president of Intermix Media. At the time, Mr. Brewer did not even realize that the founder of the company he had acquired was in fact only 17 years old. At that point, he quickly snatched up Adam Goldenberg as an employee and at the age of 19, Adam Goldenberg was promoted to COO of the company.

Adam Goldenberg met his current business partner, Don Ressler, when Intermix Media acquired, a startup company that had been founded by Don Ressler. This company then led to Alien Media at, which delivered millions of dollars in revenue for Intermix Media. However, in 2005, News Corp. acquired Intermix Media and this once successful business soon saw a downturn.

This is when Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler created their own brand. They named their new endeavor Intelligent Beauty. In 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched JustFab, a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. By 2011, JustFab had received $33 million from matrix partners for funding. By December of that year, they had reached a point where they had 4 million members.

Business only got better from there. In April 2012, the company had reached the 6 million mark for members and the two co-founders made the decision to go for additional funding. They were able to round up $76 million. JustFab was ready to venture into some new markets.

Adam and Don decided to purchase the FabKids children’s fashion subscription service in 2013. They then acquired The Fab Shoes, which was a European fashion e-commerce site. This provided an additional half-million members from Spain and France.

In North America, apparel and fashion accessories are about a $360 billion per year business. About 20% of their business takes place online. According to Adam Goldenberg, in 20 years, just about one half of all shopping will be done online. However, in September 2013, JustFab also decided to offer their services off-line in a flagship store.

To all appearances, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler appear to have all the right stuff, as well as the zeal that is necessary in order to make business boom. Adam also happens to be a venture partner in Crosscut Ventures. This is a company that is blazing the trail for the technology community in Southern California.

14 August

Online Reputation Is Offline Appearance

Online reputation is more important than ever in today’s social media driven business environment. The following piece will focus on and respond to points presented by Mike Eardley in an article titled “How’s your online reputation?” which can be located at the following link:
There’s a good chance that if you’ve googled your business lately, you’ll find yourself listed on sites such as Yelp, whether you’ve registered there or not. For some, this can be great, as they’ll actively stumble upon a trove of positive commentary regarding their business and its services. For others, this could be a nightmare of sorts, as they’re soon faced with negative reviews which they never had a chance to reconcile with a customer or client. However, there are measures that can be taken to turn these negative reviews around.

First off as explained by experts from Online Reputation Reviews, responding to any and all reviewers is of the utmost importance when it comes to saving face and resolving issues a customer may have with the company. It’s very crucial that these responses don’t come across as canned or automated responses, however, so take your time in providing empathy for a customer’s situation and offering solutions that will meet the customer’s needs and improve their experience with your business. Do not respond to customers with negativity or defensiveness. Now is the time to win them back by proving that you can make up for whatever they felt was lacking during their interaction with you or your company.

The key point here is to remain positive, because even if you don’t win back the negative reviewer, someone who happens across the negative reviews and sees that you’ve provided a positive response that attempts to rectify the reviewer’s issue is likely to want to give your business a shot. In today’s world, social media has replaced traditional marketing techniques, which means that to stay ahead of the curve, an active and positive social media presence is greatly needed. The way in which you interact with customers, in person as well as online, speaks volumes about the values and abilities of your company.


12 August

Why Is Seattle Genetics And Their Earnings Report So Important?

Seattle Genetics had their best earnings report yet, and they did a great conference call on the matter with their CEO Clay Siegall. He has started out by doing antibody drugs for cancer, and he wants to keep offering as many drugs as he can to patients who need them. There are a lot of patients who are going to have a problem with the other drugs they have, but what Seattle Genetics is using is giving them all hopes that they can get well again.

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

These drugs are helping patients with several different types of cancer, and each one of them is doing better than they were on other drugs. They are going to have a much better chance of getting well, and they are going to be with doctors who can help them change their prognosis. The brand is doing about $100 million in sales in a year, and that shows that the company is doing well to help people and doctors who want to have a new treatment.

The treatments that come from Seattle Genetics were created using a special new technique that is working for many patients, and Clay Siegall believes that he needs to keep this up because he can help more people using this kind of therapy. The therapy that he believes in is something that a lot of people have to have a look at. They might be able to ask their doctors, and they might even have a chance to go to a new doctor that is offering the trials.

Trials of drugs from Seattle Genetics are giving very good options to patients. Doctors are buying up these drugs a lot, and they are trying anything they can to help patients. The patient that has lymphoma has a new option with Seattle Genetics.

11 August

Omnicom Acquires Nizan’s ABC Group in a $1 Billion Deal


ABC is the last major Brazilian advertising giant. The company was founded in 2002 by Nizan Guanaes e João Augusto Valente, with funding from Grupo Itacu. Guanaes and Valente were pioneers of Internet marketing Brazil as the creators of the Ig portal. During the early 2000s, the company focused on marketing communications but later expanded into event planning and point-of-sale technology.

The pair founded the company as a Brazilian-centered outfit, with “Brazilian DNA.” The group is made up of several large advertising and marketing firms with clients such as AmBev, Procter & Gamble, Brazilian banking giant Itau, and Mitsubishi. Two of their firms have offices in the United States. In 2014, ABC Group made the Top 20 Advertising Giants list in Advertising Age.

ABC Group was recently acquired by the major American media firm Omnicom in a $1 billion dollar deal. The merger negotiations took six months, and Nizan and Valente are expected to remain in their leadership roles. The merger is part of a larger trend of consolidations in the advertising industry, as large multinationals increasingly prefer to deal with larger firms that can standardize their message across national boundaries.

Nizan Guanaes is from the Brazilian city of Salvador, where he began his career as an advertising copywriter for a local company. He made his way to Sao Paulo in 1985, where he cemented his reputation working at two firms now owned by W/McCann. His major claim to fame in the history of advertising was an ad he produced for the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper, which is considered one of the great commercials of all-time and for which he won the Golden Lion award in Cannes.

10 August

The Beauty Line of Makari De Suisse


Makari De Suisse is the mind behind the luxury multicultural skin care line, that celebrates both the emphasizes and diverse beauty within their clients. The meaning of Makari in Swahili is “beautiful”, and for the past 10 years, they have been transforming lives for individuals around the globe, as they help them to get the beautiful skin they desire. Makari’s products are manufactured in Switzerland, and
the skin care line continues to hold the reputation of quality brand focused, in helping their customers in achieving radiant skin. Not only does Makari offer their customers more radiant skin, but along with beautiful skin, this can help them to find the success and self-confidence that comes with having feeling the way they look and feel. With radiant and flawless skin, they are able to carry themselves with more
confidence. This is the goal of the company as it is to help clients to unlock their beauty and to help increase their self-confidence with luxurious smooth skin. Some particular areas that the products help with is fading acne scars, reduces dark spots, and fights against the signs of aging, this is all provided through their clinically proven formula. There are several ways to connect with Makari, this includes by chat,
email, by phone and through several social media sites. Makari is always coming up with new beauty items, some of the most recent include a skin lightening cream, an exclusive lightening exfoliating soap, exclusive toning milk, luxurious exfoliating body wash, and exclusive toning gel. There are several types of
products that are available through Makari, including those for skincare, which include products for both face and body. They also have products for haircare, fragrances and cosmetics, as well as accessories, kits and products for baby’s. These are just a few of the items in a line that has 60 different products, with the main
focus on the baby line, skin care line, the amazing line of 10 body lotions, each with a different scent and a makeup line. Makari’s products are available in local beauty stores, and private locations in New York City, Brussels and Paris.

10 August

Choosing A Reputable Investment Banking Advisor with Laidlaw and Company

Laidlaw and Company, a well-known investment bank, previously provided investment banking services to Relmada. Laidlaw has a high reputation among clients and is considered one of the most reliable in the industry. Its executives, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern are well known in the investment industry due to their excellent performance.

Relmada filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw and Messrs, claiming that Laidlaw and its principals violated U.S. financial regulations. As a result, temporary restraining order was issued against Laidlaw and its its principals, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner.

Laidlaw is a renowned investment banking and brokerage firm with a vast range of top notch resources and expert skills. The company provides personalized investment advice as well as reliable guidance to clients around the world, including business owners, private and public institutions, high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs.

Investment banking is an umbrella term for a wide range of activities; managing assets; providing financial advisory in mergers and acquisition transactions; and underwriting, selling, and trading securities. Investment banking firms offer these services to their various clients, including companies, non-profit institutions, governments, and individuals.

Laidlaw and its team of financial and investment professionals understand investment and financial solutions very well. Matthew Eitner and James Ahern take the time to help clients and ensure that they achieve their goals. Their clients rave about the quality of service they receive from the company and its team of experts and many have been with the company for a long time.

For any issue pertaining to investments, particularly investment banking, Laidlaw certainly is your clear choice. When you deal with Laidlaw and its investment advisors, you are dealing with some of the most trusted professionals in the industry. Visit Laidlaw and company at their website, check out the various services that they offer, and then get in touch with them for more details.


10 August

Seattle Genetics Completes ADCETRIS Trial

Seattle Genetics and Takeda recently completed a clinical trial for the experimental drug ADCETRIS. ADCETRIS has been designed as an alternative treatment for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, which can be an incredibly painful disease for those afflicted by it. Luckily, Seattle Genetics has reported positive results from its clinical trial, indicating that ADCETRIS may be the preferred treatment option for CTCL in the near future.

As a biotechnology development firm, Seattle Genetics has built a reputation for developing unique forms of treatment for cancers that primarily take advantage of the body’s own natural antibodies. Based in Bothell, Washington, Seattle Genetics is constantly looking for new directions to take their treatments and change the way we think about medicine. With the success of this trial, it would seem that ADCETRIS will be ushering in a new wave of treatments that take full advantage of antibody-drug conjugate technology.

In addition to its lead drug, ADCETRIS, Seattle Genetics is also developing a new drug for acute myeloid leukemia that is also currently in a Phase 3 trial. In addition to working with Takeda with the commercialization of ADCETRIS, Seattle Genetics has also worked with a number of other biotechnology firms, including Bayer, Genentech, and Pfizer. Through these collaborations, Seattle Genetics hopes to bring effective relief to the people that have suffered from these diseases around the world.

Clay Siegall, the president of Seattle Genetics, originally got his start as a team member for the National Institutes for Health in 1988. Since then, he moved through a number of companies, including the aforementioned Genentech. Today, he is the founder and current CEO of Seattle Genetics, which has been around since 1998. In addition to his time as a team member for a number of firms, he also actively serves as a board member for Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Siegall earned his doctorate in Genetics at George Washington University and has used that knowledge to help steer his company towards novel approaches to drug development. It’s because of this that Seattle Genetics has seen record sales of its cancer drug and will likely continue to have success in the future.



09 August

Dick DeVos: Sailing Through the Business World

When most people think of Dick DeVos, they think of a successful businessman who was listed as the 67th richest person in the United States in 2012. However, did you know that Dick DeVos is also a two time National Champion sailor and a qualified jet and helicopter pilot? It’s amazing that such a successful entrepreneur-businessman (and former CEO of the Orlando Magic) has time for anything else.

As the oldest son of Richard DeVos, Sr., co-founder of the Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos began work at Amway in 1974. The Amway Corporation is a network sales company which uses a multi-level marketing model to sell a variety of products, primarily in the health, beauty, and home care markets. Here, DeVos was promoted to vice president of the company’s operations in 18 countries after 10 years, and thus gained worldwide experience. Five years later, he left Amway to start the Windquest Group, a business venture involved in the manufacture and marketing of storage and closet organizers.

In 1991, the DeVos family acquired the NBA’s Orlando Magic basketball franchise, with Dick becoming President and CEO of the team. Larry Guest of the Orlando Sentinel wrote in a September 1991 column that “civic and business leaders in Grand Rapids” considered DeVos “admirable, amicable, compassionate, honorable, community-conscious, intelligent,” but that they wondered whether DeVos, who was about to begin running the Orlando Magic, was “strong enough…to make the tough decisions necessary as the chief operating officer overseeing… an NBA franchise?” Guest answered yes, calling DeVos “a business and political specialist experienced far beyond his 35 years on this globe”. This experience shown through in everything Dick DeVos placed his efforts in, whether it be Amway, the Orlando Magic, or Windquest.

DeVos succeeded his father as president of the Amway Corporation in 1993 and oversaw the company’s restructure in 2000. During the restructure, Alticor Corporation was established as an umbrella firm which comprised the Amway Corporation, the Quixtar Corporation, and the Access Business Group. The formation of Alticor led to an expansion of operations in more than 50 countries across six continents. Throughout the years, DeVos never turned his back on the Windquest Group, and in 2002 he retired as president of Alticor to devote one-hundred percent of his time to Windquest.

DeVos has been married to the former Betsy Prince for 35 years. Both Dick and Betsy are actively involved with The Windquest Group.